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hirahiraskirt 7:08am, 4 January 2007
I can't believe there's only one group about small town Japan.
I hope you don't mind me joining your party!
kamoda PRO 10 years ago
I couldn't believe it either- which is why I statrted the group. A very warm welcome!
summafuua [deleted] 10 years ago
hello. I've been looking for this group!
Mullenkedheim 10 years ago
nolando PRO 10 years ago
nice idea for a group - could some please choose a image for the group thumbnail
beeldmark PRO 10 years ago
I joined too, will update some photo's later. I know the group is still small, but maybe it's a good idea to limit the amount of pictures to a few per day (say 3 or 5). I 've seen other "Japan" groups being flooded with many holiday snaps from a single member.

as for the thumbnail, why not make make it a contest?
kamoda PRO 9 years ago
Summafuua, Mullenkedheim, Nolando, and Beeldmark- welcome to the group!
kamoda PRO 9 years ago
Good idea about the thumbnail- let's make it a contest. I'll start a new discussion topic, so please post any images you think would make a good thumbnail.
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