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bethrosengard ADMIN September 21, 2016
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September Contest : Magical Lights on Clouds

NEW CHALLENGE: "ITSO ... the Squiggle!"

WINNERS ANNOUNCED: TAA ... focus on Wild & Wacky Hairdos

Group Description

About TMI

TMI is a LIMITED gallery for your BEST nature photos and for the BEST artwork made by you ... with some restrictions. Admission to our group pool is by administrator approval. Please scroll down this page to read our complete rules before you join. Here's a short preview:

Short Rules

TMI is an activity group where we regularly offer you contests, challenges and themed threads. Find out about them at THIS LINK. Be part of our family and enjoy each other's talent by playing with us and by publicizing the group using our award icon. Scroll down to see our contest and challenge winners' images at the bottom of this page!. PLEASE DO NOT start a separate thread for your questions and thanks yous. Post them here and come back to see our answer.

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The Rules

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◄ What we accept ►

~Your BEST photos of NATURE – straight from the camera or enhanced liberally with photo editing software. We look for images that give a WOW! factor as we are a gallery not a photo album.

~Quality, original ARTWORK made by you (not photos of other people's work) – whether digitally created or hand made artwork that you've photographed. This includes non-representational art which, in the judgment of the admins, has an organic feel.

~Computer-created images using Bryce, fractal software or similar programs – provided they follow our general rules. Note: We are not a Second Life-based art group, but if your SL image incorporates other elements and is transformed into original art, entry will be on a case by case basis. We want to stay away from images that are made with only SL elements.

~Videos - They can be nature-based, digital art or fractals, provided they follow our rules. However, no instructional videos. If you have a good tutorial, send a Flickr mail to administrator "skagitrenee" since we might open a discussion thread for it.

~Still life – only if vases or other man-made containers and objects are highly obscured.

~Holiday exceptions – During holidays, we will allow cards from well wishers that include objects contrary to our group theme – but ONLY in our Specialty Holiday Card discussion threads.

► What we do NOT accept ◄

~No re-posting period! And No administration blocking!! You may be banned from this group if you block any or all of our administrators.

~No man-made things such as buildings, trains, planes, guns, knives, statues (basically anything not found in nature) unless of minor importance and inconspicuous, in the judgment of the admins. No replicas or facsimiles of such items either. No abstracts of man-made things, unless completely unrecognizable.

~No people or portraits of people. And No pets such as cats and dogs. Farm and exotic animals in a nature setting will be allowed.

~No pictures of abuse or cruelty to any living thing. And No nightmarish visions – except in our Halloween seasonal thread.

~No politics.

~Stealing the work of others will result in your being banned by this group and reported to Flickr management.

If you agree

News and Announcements


**For those that enjoy seeing high quality art and nature, please come by skagitrenee's Cafe as she is collecting many of her very top Flickr favorites. Click HERE for Café Renee.

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TMI Contest Winners

Winners for August contest: August Abundance
Please visit our Winners Thread for ALL the contest winners.

First Place: "Abundance of Heat waves" by Marezia57

Second Place #46 by Richard Collier-- Wildlife and Travel Photography
Vineyard Snails - Cernuella virgata  250716 (2)

TOP WINNERS: Aug/Sep Challenge: TAA ... focus on Wild & Wacky Hairdos
Please visit our Winners Thread for ALL the challenge winners.

First Place: "Schalows Turaco" by Mobile Lynn
Schalow's Turaco D61_5844.jpg

Second Place: "The Little Aliens" by PelicanPete
The Little Aliens

Group Rules

If you're not already a member of TMI and would like to join, please click the button below after reading "The Rules" section on the page above.

Additional Info

  • Members can post 1 thing to the pool each day.
  • Accepted content types: Photos, Videos, Images, Art
  • Accepted safety levels: Safe
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