Art and Humanity

Groovyal 5:07pm, 12 January 2010
What are we in the first place but human beings!!!! As artist i think
we forget this as we get hung up in our art and the proses of it's
making it. Our art is out of humanity in many instances. We draw from
humanity every breath of our art, so why do not artist think about
giving there art back to the roots of it's existence? please feel free
to help people with your art as art never helps the artist as much as
the human existence helps art. i am i the proses of helping child cope
with cancer with my art as i feel they deserve all i can give. Will you
give too!!!!?????? please follow the links below and help spread the
word, That artist do care! That artist are strong in there solidarity.
that we ARE different. We have the talent, but do we have the will!!!?
Nick Zhuo :-( Off for a long rest) [deleted] Posted 8 years ago. Edited by Nick Zhuo :-( Off for a long rest) (member) 8 years ago
It's complicated...

I think there are many subject about art, humanity is one of it but not the only one...

Of course I would love to help you :-)
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