Owen H R PRO 5:35pm, 30 December 2011
Well, why do you love britain?
dtepas 7 years ago
Hmm, a long list to pick from but here goes:

The pies, the cars, the landscapes and especially the roads... Nothing like going 60 mph on roads that in other parts of Europe have a speed limit of 30 mph (especially Holland).
Owen H R PRO 7 years ago
I love the roads and the views!
Owen H R PRO 7 years ago
I like the beaches too :)
maeluk PRO 7 years ago
Well I love the history and the scenery.
From the old christian sites like Lindisfarne and Iona to the castles and abbeys, Britain is just full of old places to visit and enjoy. Gladstonebury Tor ..Stonehenge and Avesbury..the list just goes on..

I do enjoy a trip into Snowdonia or the Peak district and Glen Coe is just awesome. Castlerigg stone circle in the lake district is fabulous. Theres so much to see theres no reason to want to go abroad for my wife and I. (she is American and loves being over here).
Owen H R PRO 6 years ago
I keep thinking of new things! I really like the Islands that has been abandoned (Such as Swona)
kimlouise❣ PRO 6 years ago
Hi Owen,

Why do I love Britain?

I love our heritage and traditions, and find it most distressing to see some of them disappearing, I love to learn about a country's history and Britain has had a most intriguing journey!

I now live in Wales, and have done for almost 10 years, first in Pembrokeshire, and now in Monmouthshire. Having been born in Penrith and grown up in the East Anglia I have fallen well and truly in love with the scenery too, be it mountains, wetlands, Coast... Love all of it!!!
uk_heritage 3 years ago
Because Britain loves its legacy we all enjoy to see around us!
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