briannaorg PRO 6:16pm, 18 February 2008 Sandra Macmillan!. Looks like it WAS your lucky week! :)

More MOO to come on the IF blog. Stay tuned!
Dawlism 10 years ago
hmph. you only picked her because she only has one friend. :)
bekava 10 years ago
Oops, I missed out! Next time...
piperinapeartree 10 years ago
moochos congrats !!
briannaorg PRO 10 years ago
Looks like she's come up missin' - she hasn't claimed her prize yet. We're giving it one more day (Sandra! Can you hear me!? *echo echo*) and then we'll choose a new winner for last week's drawing.
Mark Andrew Webber 10 years ago
ohh moo winner? going to have to go check what thats about!
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