traceyjay 4:54am, 16 February 2012
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I have only made 5 of my granny squares, but I changed the method a bit from the original tutorial because I didn't want bias edges on my blocks.

I use this resource when I forget the equation:

For the 2 1/2" little squares, I've been using 4 1/8" squares cut on the diagonal twice (like an hourglass block) for the side triangles, and 2 3/8" cut on the diagonal for the corners. You need two of each square per block. All you have to trim are the little dog ears.


I hope this isn't stepping on any one's toes -- just giving another option for the block construction if you want it! :)
I think this is a GREAT alternative! Thanks for posting it here.
traceyjay 5 years ago
ChefSha 5 years ago
I am about to start making my blocks and will be using this way. I'll use a QST ruler though.

Thanks for the info.
jojojomaba 5 years ago
Traceyjay~ THANK YOU! I just made 11 blocks with this and they are PERFECT! :D
MamaChristine2 [deleted] 5 years ago
I used the Easy Angle Ruler to cut hst's from 2.5 inch WOF strips

am using the same triangles for the corners and trimming down
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