The Idyll Moment

B I R D PRO 2:27am, 17 August 2005
Since I was invited into this group I find that when I am taking pictures or working on photo collages I think about photos I might post here. You know that Idyll Moment.

Most recently I was working on a photo that was dedicated to my mom and immediately thought that this would be one of the most appropriate places to display it.

Here is the picture:
For Mom

Does this happen to you? Got a picture that you want to share? and talk about?

About the picture - My mom's name was Rose I had a picture of a rose that I liked but I wanted to try to focus it. I went into Photoshop and started playing around with selective color. The process became a meditation on how much was necessary to disclose to make a statement.

OK you get the idea.

Here is how you POST a picture in this topic... (I borrowed this info from the "NO WORDS" group.)

Ok, first select the photo you want to use in your photostream. (You select a photo by clicking on it, and it becomes the only photo on the page).

You should see an 'All sizes' button on top of the photo. Click it. If there is no "All sizes" icon, you may not be looking at YOUR photo!

Select the photo size you want from the AVAILABLE SIZES at the top (square, thumbnail, small, medium, and large or original). Let's use the SMALL size.

Since you're looking at one of your own photos, you will see two text fields underneath the photo. The first one contains the URL to the image itself, and the second one contains a snippet of HTML that will produce the photo in Idyll.

Highlight the second (bottom) box and simply copy it (FILE - COPY or Control-C).

Next go to back to this discussion and go down to the bottom where it says REPLY TO THIS TOPIC. PASTE it (File - Paste or Control-V) here in the text box.

Sprinkle with a little text hit the POST NOW button and it's done!
Corydora PRO 13 years ago
What a great idea, Greatwork! I'm really looking forward to hearing about everyone's Idyll Moments. Here's one of mine:

Filoli Summer House

This shot is a souvenir of a perfect day. Last March I got off a plane from cold, wet England into the dazzling California sunshine. One of my dearest friends, whom I hadn't seen in years, picked me up and took me to Filoli (a beautiful historic garden in Woodside). We spent a wonderful afternoon touring the gardens and basking in the sun, catching up on all the things we'd missed in each others' lives. I took this shot in the summerhouse, which we both loved. Whenever I see it, it brings back fond memories of her and that special day.
BitHead PRO 13 years ago
South Rim at sunset

This is my first shot of the Grand Canyon. My wife and I had come up from Phoenix, where we were visiting family, and took a scenic detour through Sedona. That slowed us down enough that it was close to sunset by the time we got to the south rim itself. When I actually saw it, I was left speechless and frozen. All of the pictures and videos I had seen didn't prepare me for the reality, the overwhelming presence, of this place. After a while, I began to try to capture what I could.

I would have liked to have spent a month (or a lifetime) there, seeing how the light, the sky, and everything changes moment by moment, reflecting the deep beauty of the canyon in an infinite variety of ways.
Flaming guest

First thank you Greatwork for sharing the knowledge of how to post a picture.
This picture gives me a good feeling. It is a shot taken standing at the top of the first pyramid we climbed at Tikal. It was exciting to do so and when we finally arrived at the top the view was overwhelming. It took us to the same height as the sparkling plant we had allready spotted from below.
OringeJellow 13 years ago
Morning Sky

Every morning, I take my coffee,sit out on my patio,quietly sipping. My sister passed away two years ago, so I find most days looking up at the morning sky, thinking of her,and the time we did have together here. That is my morning Idyll moment and I cherish the time..
eastofnorth PRO 13 years ago
Paint by Water and Light

Have you ever gone blindly through your routine, only to be stopped by some small, frail thing out of place? I sat in my car staring at my windshield for some time this morning, not even grabbing for my camera.

Ultimately, I did, and I'm glad I could share with you this Idyll moment.
Bluepeony 13 years ago
Thank you for thinking about an idle moment. So often we are caught up in our busy scheduals, and never find time to get away. Here is a shot taken from a city beach at low tide. One can walk to the beach from downtown in just a few min.

Water Sculpted

At low tide, however, one can walk way out on the sand bars. It is so serene out there. In just a moment one can feel as though they have left this world. All around is the sea, and little sea creatures. Ripples in the sand bar, and stowns strewn by the wave action of the changing tides.

It is so refreshing, just to take a minuite, and allow oneself to be carried away be the clean salt air.

I love looking at everyons work here. Thanks again.

:) K
Corydora PRO 13 years ago
This is a wonderful thread - thank you all for taking the time to share your personal Idyll Moments.

BitHead: Your shot of the Grand Canyon captures so much of its grandeur. I hope your story will encourage others to visit this very special place. Just like Yosemite, nothing can prepare you for it, and even the hordes of tourists can't reduce the power of the experience.

Thierry: Maya sites are astonishing and very mystical, too - ideal places for an Idyll Moment. Climbing the Tikal pyramid in that jungle heat is a real feat, and when you finally reached the top and turned round to see the view, it must have been amazing. Thanks for sharing your souvenir of that experience.

Oringe Jellow: your story is incredibly moving and looking at that lovely blue sky made me feel like I was there with you. Thank you very much for reminding all of us that life is short and we need to appreciate our loved ones while they're still here with us...

eastofnorth: your story and photo are a poignant reminder that all too often, we lose track of what's important in life. I'm very glad you captured this fleeting moment of beauty for us - it is a perfect Idyll Moment.

Bluepeony: There's nothing like the sea to cleanse and inspire, and your photo brings back many wonderful memories for me. You're very lucky to live so close to the ocean - thank you for bringing it to those of us who don't.
Christine Lebrasseur 13 years ago
Oxymore : Pénombre lumineuse...

Lorsque le jour s'éteint et que l'esprit s'éclaire, dans l'écoute du silence, l'harmonie des couleurs mourantes ; alors viennent la sérénité et la quiétude...

When the day dies out and that the spirit lights, in the listening of silence, the harmony of the dying colors; then serenity and quietude
Claudecf PRO 13 years ago
Restaurant in Beuvron
This shot is special to me. I took it last February. It was during the
first real vacation I took after breast cancer and radiation therapy, was
starting to feel better and was in this lovely restaurant with my
oldest and best friend with my brand new camera.
Later on we walked through the country and I felt real good.
A small island of pleasure.
Corydora PRO 13 years ago
Chris: your poetic lines and lovely image evoke a real air of quietude, which is a wonderful word and such an important part of an Idyll Moment. Merci beaucoup!

Claude: I am very grateful that you have shared such a personal and meaningful Idyll Moment with us. My heartfelt thanks, and best wishes for many more moments of pleasure and joy!
*Ariel* PRO 13 years ago
breaking up the line

I wouldn't usually consider this a picture representing an idyllic moment, since the runners here are giving their all, sweating, breathing hard, etc. But it was an idyllic moment for me; I wasn't feeling up to running the race (it's a popular 11 km of grueling countryside). So I found a quiet spot and prepared to watch and photograph. The sunset was beautiful, the surroundings were quiet (cowbells tinkling here and there), and the runners efforts just emphasised the idyllic setting. Instead of feeling defeated by my body, I languored in the gift of having nothing to do but relax. Finally, it was an idyllic moment, because for the first time I realised that I'm not the only one who huffs and puffs and looks fit to die while running a race!
Corydora PRO 13 years ago
Ariel: Thanks to your beautifully written description, I felt like I was there in the mountains with you, enjoying your Idyll Moment. Wonderful! Many thanks.
Gail S Posted 13 years ago. Edited by Gail S (member) 13 years ago
This is a beautiful discussion thread. I just read your stories and tears came to my eyes. Thank you all for sharing. Here's my idyll moment:
Our Front Yard
I look at this photo of our front yard and think of my late mother-in-law who loved our place so much that she asked us to put her ashes here. I was standing near her urn (which is on a bench next to a large angel) when I took this photo. My husband, a cancer survivor, spends all his energy and creativity making our place a haven...our escape in Tennessee. He has done just that, hasn't he?

I can't believe I get to live in such a pretty place with such a sensitive and caring husband. We have been blessed.
Corydora PRO 13 years ago
Gail: Your story and photo show what a caring person you are - thank you very much for sharing your Idyll Moment with the group. So few people appreciate what they've got, and you obviously do. Very best wishes to you and your husband!
JuLieT_ PRO Posted 13 years ago. Edited by JuLieT_ (member) 13 years ago
Every day I walk my dog around these beautiful lakes... it's about a 3 mile walk...
Somewhere along the way, we meet up with 3 or 4 other friends with their dogs.
It's become a wonderful support group; we laugh so much and also share our worries and it's the best part of the day.
I am blessed to have such good friends.. Muttley feels the same about his doggy friends! (they can be seen in my "dogs" set)

love and light

may 1st
Corydora PRO 13 years ago
Juliet: Isn't it interesting how so many people's Idyll Moments involve good friends in a beautiful, tranquil spot?! Thank you so much for sharing yours with the group!
PeterKvG 13 years ago

I haven't put it in the pool because I don't know if people will understand it. Everymorning I do my theeth. One sunny days there is a quarter of an hour sun on these brushes, they are from my kids and wife. All these sunny days my eye is drawn to this for me idyllic scene, and I realise how lucky I am!

Corydora PRO 13 years ago
Peter: I'm very glad you've included your photo and explanation in this thread! The light and colours are wonderful in this shot, and it's very clear why this lovely vignette is an Idyll Moment for you. Many thanks!
Fantasyfan. Posted 13 years ago. Edited by Corydora (admin) 13 years ago

This is moment of idyl when I was as an exhange student in Scotland. I didn't like my room, the whole flatt or anything. I was really homesick, but I really enjoyed moments when I was sitting in my bed (with that yellow planket that I bought from nearest second hand store ) and do something with my laptop. It was best when the sun was shining in making room brighter and making me feeling better. And that sunlight gave me inspiration sometimes to try makro photos on everyting that sun touched. And so this photo was created.
Corydora PRO 13 years ago
Fantasyfan: I'm so pleased that you shared this photo and story with the group. Your shot captures the comforting feeling of that lovely sunlight and the warm blanket really well. And the fact that they inspired you to start taking macros is great! Thanks again.
thermophle 13 years ago

I was on a vacation in Italy with my mom last year - it was one of those whirlwind group trips where you see as much as you can in 14 days. We spent our last full day in Venice, and we were quickly following the tour guide through the narrow streets as he took us to see various interesting spots around the city. We passed through this channel, and no one noticed how beautiful the scene we were passing was. It was quiet and serene. To me, it was breathtaking, and I waited for everyone to pass before taking this picture. It is my favorite one from the whole trip. It was my idyll moment.
B I R D PRO 13 years ago
Fly With Me

I took this picture in Half Moon Bay on a 4 day weekend. This was a small gift I gave my self photographing the Pelicans, Arctic Turns and seagulls. When I got home and started sorting through my pictures this one resonated. The attached poem about the meaning of "BIRD" came right out of that same session. It is important that we take these idyll moments they are vital to our artistic flourishing. I have dedicated this month to my muses. Perhaps you too can give us a picture before Corydora one of our brightest lights fades.

Post an idyll moment for Corydora. to show her the kinds of moments YOU have been carving out by taking time and contemplating.

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