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Food Game!

nicolegoes 2:48pm, 18 September 2008
Let's play a game.

I will post two different food choices, the next one to reply will pick one of the choices. Then, give two more food choices for the next person.


Nicole: Pizza or Hambuger?
Kittylover567: pizza. ice cream or iced coffee?
TheMAN: Iced coffee. French fries or potato wedges?

and so on and so forth.

So let's begin.

Kit Kat of M&M's?

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cream based.

Bacon or Sausages?
cutie_kate 6 years ago
Don'like both, buuuut.... sausages could be better

Risotto or pasta?
purplewon2000 6 years ago

Red beans or black beans?
Yellow Fluff 6 years ago
Black beans.

Asparagus or spinach?
mico4ever 6 years ago
Asparagus :)

butter or margarine?
Indiewench PRO 6 years ago
smart balance (like buttah)

oriental noodles or pad thai?
purplewon2000 6 years ago
Pad Thai

Crunchy or Chewy?
biktopincanada PRO 6 years ago
chewy. Wine or Beer?
omema manan 6 years ago
chewy cheese rolls, polka or some chicken almond
purplewon2000 6 years ago
Wine for biktopincanada and polka for omema manan

Pita or Naan?
Zinaida Beaumont (Nous sommes Paris) Posted 6 years ago. Edited by Zinaida Beaumont (Nous sommes Paris) (member) 6 years ago

tzatziki ( = greek cucumber and yaourt dish) or hummous ?
sunliner500 6 years ago

Enchiladas or Lasagna?
purplewon2000 6 years ago

Fruit or vegetables?
sunliner500 6 years ago

Tomatoes or Tomatillos?
markpdesign 6 years ago

oysters on the half or shrimp cocktail?
purplewon2000 6 years ago
Oysters on the half...

Grilled or baked?
Darren Darbyshire PRO 6 years ago

Greek or Italian?
moebius-stripe PRO 6 years ago

Crab or lobster?
purplewon2000 6 years ago
Cr..no, lob...no cra...Both. D@mn my love of shellfish anyway.

Greek or Japanese?
barryfinn 6 years ago
Japaneeeeeese of course...

duck... or lamb???

biktopincanada PRO 6 years ago

breakfast or lunch?

Eggs or Bacon?
purplewon2000 6 years ago

Sandwich or wrap?
Ruth and Dave PRO 6 years ago

Dark chocolate or milk chocolate?
purplewon2000 6 years ago
Dark Chocolate.

Snickerdoodles or Sugar cookies?
bacchusnbento 6 years ago

Lobster bisque or clam chowder?
the.waterbird 6 years ago
lobster bisque, hands down!

hard of soft cheese?
purplewon2000 6 years ago
Ooooohhhh....that's a difficult choice. Soft.

Pepsi or Coke?
komisarr 6 years ago
Snow-Cone or Popsicle?
Urstruly,ing. 6 years ago

french fries or onion rings??
aiqueen 6 years ago
Onion Rings!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Chocolate Cake or Bread and Butter Pudding???
purplewon2000 6 years ago
Chocolate cake (Chocolate gets me every time)

Which is worse, soy allergy or gluten allergy?
♥mabeliita♥ 6 years ago
Soy allergy definitely.

Clam chowder or tomato soup?
purplewon2000 6 years ago
Clam Chowder.

Vegetarian or vegan?
tombell06 6 years ago

Tossed green salad and grilled sweet potatoes.
purplewon2000 6 years ago
Tossed green salad

Portobellos or morels?
angelabc 6 years ago

Banana Bread - with walnuts or without?
il_kap 6 years ago

Kimchi or sauerkraut?
sunliner500 6 years ago

Lo mein or Pizza?
schmidtrose 6 years ago
Pizza for sure!

Blueberry scones or blueberry cheesecake?
purplewon2000 6 years ago
Blueberry Scones. Yummmmmmmm!!!!

Milk chocolate or dark chocolate?
sunliner500 6 years ago
Milk chocolate.

BBQ Ribs, or Enchiladas?
テッド (Ted) 6 years ago
Damn that's a tough one. BBQ rib enchiladas? If I had to really choose only one... BBQ ribs.

Well marbled grain fed wagyu steak cooked perfectly yakiniku style, or pan-seared salt n pepper crusted salmon with lemon butter sauce?
purplewon2000 6 years ago
Pan seared salt and pepper crusted salmon with lemon butter sauce.

Egg rolls or spring rolls?
Lamerie 6 years ago
egg rolls

Vichyssoise or Gazpacho?
Ninna_1 6 years ago
I think.. I'll chose Gazpacho

Cheesecake or carrot cake?
purplewon2000 6 years ago
Cheesecake. You may luck out and have chocolate. ;-)

Salmon or trout?
hcorper PRO 6 years ago
Both are great, but will chose salmon.

White wine or champagne?
zot0 (Mike K) 6 years ago

Dosa or pork chops?
bacchusnbento 6 years ago
Pork Chops.

Tabasco or Sriracha?
purplewon2000 6 years ago

Chunky salsa or smooth salsa?
Julia Katharina 6 years ago
smooth salsa

Japanese food or chinee food
purplewon2000 6 years ago

Fast food or slow food?
NazarBlue 6 years ago
Slow food!
Pomegranate or Fig?
komisarr 6 years ago

Pizza or Burrito?
Andriansah Works! 6 years ago
never try buritto, so i choose pizza

french fries or potato widges?
French Fries!! :)

Testicles or intestines?
Lenny Montana PRO 6 years ago
What the heck's a 'Widge" !? half a sandwidge! ..ok ok...

Intestines every time. (sausageable)

Goats Eyeballs or Tripe? (both tasty apparently!)
EvelKnievelUSA 6 years ago
Well I never tryed either before but if I did have to make a choice ugh...Maybe the eyeballs just to be adventurous.

Haggis or Baked or Fried Squid....whichever is the best way to prepare squid that is.
purplewon2000 6 years ago
Fried squid.

Kale or Spinach?
manu mo Posted 6 years ago. Edited by manu mo (member) 6 years ago

For breakfast:
natto or baked beans?
EvelKnievelUSA 6 years ago
Baked beans yes definately baked beans. lol

Going kinda back to the days of thinking of Jacques Costeau the explorer of shipwrecks who used to be on tv. Let's say you just found them both together in an old pirates shipwreck from let's say 400 years ago and you just brought them back up to your boat.

The 400 year old bottle of rum still corked and full or the 400 year old bottle of wine still corked and full?
sunliner500 6 years ago
Tough one...the 400-year-old wine.

Christmas treats... peanut-butter balls, or rum balls?
purplewon2000 6 years ago
Peanut butter balls.

Root beer cupcakes or Dr Pepper cupcakes?
Sa Sa-chan 6 years ago
Dr Pepper cupcakes.

Sushi or katsudong?
(had to google what katsudon was)

sushi - without the raw fish.

korean bbq or chinese hot pot
purplewon2000 6 years ago
Chinese hot pot.

Cucumber or Zucchini?
txrose1967 6 years ago

Chicken Parmigan or Eggplant Parmigan?
EvelKnievelUSA 6 years ago
Definately the Chicken Parmigan.

Rice Krispy Treats or Twinkies?
komisarr 6 years ago
Rice Krispy Treats

Grilled or Fried?
purplewon2000 6 years ago

Follow a recipe or your own invention?
♥mabeliita♥ 6 years ago
Follow recipe.

swedish fish or sour patch kids?
EvelKnievelUSA 6 years ago
Never had Swedish fish before so I would go for the Swedish fish.

Jello Pudding Pop or Bowl of pudding?
John 3000 PRO 6 years ago
Bowl of pudding.

Asparagus or durian?
Asparagus :).

Chickpea or lentil?
purplewon2000 6 years ago

Hummus or salsa?
ReesePDX 6 years ago

Calves liver or Chitterlings
NOTE: I like both
Pacdog PRO 6 years ago
Vegan Butterfly PRO 6 years ago
Umm...can someone choose neither? Or do we have to wait for someone to choose one of them?
komisarr 6 years ago
Assuming I'm on Fear Factor and those are the choices I'm forced to consume, I'll take Calves Liver

Muffins or Scones?
lltownley 6 years ago

Lemons or Limes?
purplewon2000 6 years ago

Vegetarian or Vegan?
♥mabeliita♥ 6 years ago

lemonade or orange juice?
~nana-jana~ [deleted] 6 years ago
orange juice

red grapes or green grapes?
purplewon2000 6 years ago
Green grapes.

Red Delicious or Jonathon Gold?
EvelKnievelUSA 6 years ago
If by the choices you mean as in apple varities then I pick Red Delicious.

Homemade spinach dip or Homemade Guacamole?
Pacdog PRO 6 years ago
I'm sure the homemade was needed.. =o))

I'll take the Guacamole!

although i do love the spinach dip..

Shrimp or Oysters?
Estorbin Posted 6 years ago. Edited by Estorbin (member) 6 years ago

Fabada or Pote Asturiano?
Pote Asturiano

suschi or udon???
sorry is sushi or udon?? :@ ;)
bacchusnbento 6 years ago

Tabasco or Sriracha?
purplewon2000 6 years ago

Pasta or rice?
EvelKnievelUSA 6 years ago

When going to like a restaurant that serves breakfasts.

Omelette or Skillet type breakfast?
Heidd 5 years ago

Cheese or ham?

broccoli or zucchini ?
Vegan Butterfly PRO 5 years ago
Broccoli! One of my favorite veggies!

Bok choy or suey choy?
Afrazov 5 years ago
Suey Choy (though I haven't tried em, googled the images and then made my choice :D )

Haleem or Nihari? (they are Pakistani dishes)
Timo 1331 PRO 5 years ago
Nihari....pad Thai or Morning Glory?
purplewon2000 5 years ago
Pad Thai.

Oysters or clams?
EvelKnievelUSA 5 years ago
I would say clams only because I love clam chowder.

Raw unprocessed honey from a beekeeper which you can also buy with the honeycomb which is also edible?..... Or store bought honey?
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