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sallyNZ ADMIN January 16, 2022
To keep track of your points and what you've posted you can use these score boards

Round 115 commenced on Saturday January 15 and will finish on Sunday 27 February.

Group Description

This is a scavenger hunt group, where players have 6 weeks to find and photograph items on a list compiled from players' suggestions. You and your fellow members get to choose the items you wish to photograph. Gain points based on quantity (how many items you find) and quality (which photos are voted best at the end of the round).
The winner will be the person with the most points at the end of the round.

The scavenger hunt period will usually start on a Saturday and end on a Sunday 6 weeks later - according to your own local time. Remember, only post photos taken during the Scavenger Hunt period. There is a 2 week break in between rounds for voting and compiling a new list.


Tag your items "scavenger1", "scavenger2" etc, Please note - there is no space between the tag 'scavenger' and the list item number.

Please ensure that you have entered the tag correctly to help us get the scoring right.

Scoring - automatically done by our own server scoreboard

In short, post photos for each item - and at least 3 per week - to get the maximum participation points. The remainder of the points are based on the voting (see below).

Our automated system will keep track of your points during each round.


1 point for every list item photo you post

3 bonus points each week for posting at least 3 photos during a week (this includes the weekends either side). You can post photos in advance (eg post 6 in the first week to get bonus points for week 1 and 2)

Progress points: 10 points for 12 items.

Completion points: 5 points when you've finished the list.


At the end of the round there will be a vote to judge the best photos submitted, based on creative and artistic merit and whether the item is a true representation of the item as listed. All participants get to vote for two photos per each item. This will be an anonymous vote on a specially set up web page.

Voting Points

5 points for receiving most overall votes

4 points for second most overall votes

2 points for receiving at least one third of the individual photo votes

Submitting items for the list

Everyone who is interested in participating will be asked to make 3 suggestions. You are welcome to submit a few more if you have got lots of ideas, or less than this if you have a mental block. The items will be submitted in a discussion thread (so they will be immediately public, but only photos taken after the official start of the scavenger hunt period will be eligible). The list will comprise no more than 15 list items.If more suggestions than this are received the group moderators will choose some to leave off, based entirely at their own discretion.


Anyone is welcome to join in the scavenger hunt fun at any time during the round. You may vote or make suggestions even if you didn't participate in the previous round.

General rules for submitting photos to the group

We are a supportive and friendly group. It is good karma to browse other players' photos and make helpful comments.

Photos must have been taken during the official scavenger hunt period.
Only photographs taken with actual cameras please - no screen shots or photos taken in virtual worlds.

It helps other players identify which item you are taking if you have written the item or challenge information in the title or description of your photo.

Photos that are not tagged with an item number and are obviously not related to the current monthly list will be deleted from the pool.

Post only 1 photo per item.

You can replace your photos with different ones at any time during the hunt period but to retain your weekly points the removal of a photo and the replaced photo should be posted in the same week.


During each round you may use ONE wildcard - a photo from your archives that matches a list item you can't find. This will help you get bonus points for completing the list.

Copying link from your photo

Click on curved arrow at right bottom of your photo.
Click Embed and scroll to med size 500x375
Highlight code by clicking on it and save ctrlC
Now go to ANSH Explore thread and paste ctrl V.

Additional Info

  • This group will count toward the photo's limit (60 for Pro members, 30 for free members)
  • Accepted content types: Photos, Images, Screenshots
  • Accepted safety levels: Safe
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