cautious range [deleted] 5:12pm, 23 January 2007
Is anyone interested in a smaller or bigger flickr meeting in Hungary in the near future?
Just having something to drink / eat and take some pictures?

Any ideas?

Or are there any regular flickr meets already happening somewhere?
AZso PRO 11 years ago
I guess the meeting should be at Budapest. What do you think?
OldDogNewTrick PRO 11 years ago
Go for it.

We just had a local FlickrMeet yesterday in Calgary, Canada.

Start a new Flickr group for your local FlickrMeet, and just post a notice on a discussion board about the meeting time and place. We usually meet on a Sunday afternoon since that is most convenient for most members.

We have been doing this regularly for about a year and a half, and it is really a lot of fun. Our group has a wide range - young and old, experienced and beginners.

We then post our photos in the group pool with an agreed upon tag for each meeting.

Have a look.
cautious range [deleted] 11 years ago
- Budapest would be fine, depending on where other people come from.

I'm in the middle, more or less, so for me it's no big deal (we live near Kaposvar / Barcs)

- Sounds cool.
Do we have to make a new group for that or is it possible to use this group for it?
cautious range [deleted] 11 years ago
OK, I've opened up a group for flickr meets in Hungary ;)

Let's get rolling ;)!
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