olahus 4:32pm, 11 January 2007
could someone translate me in hungarian this two lines of invitation?

"Please add this photo to the "Roumanie" group

Don't forget to add the "Roumanie" tag to it (compulsory)"


koszonom in advance!

gloire 11 years ago
kérlek, csatold ezt a képet a "roumanie" csoportba. ne felejtsd el tag-ként megadni hozzá a "roumanie"-t (kötelező).
something like this:)
olahus 11 years ago
koszonom szepen, Glorcsika, you'r great

best wishes from Bukarest!

gloire 11 years ago
please, you're welcome!
olahus 11 years ago
how would you say
"Thanks for your inscriprion to the (Roumanie) group"

koszonom elo"re!
(hope i'm not abusing your kindness)
gloire 11 years ago
no, you're not:)
köszönöm a feliratkozásodat a "roumanie" csoportba.
that's all
olahus 11 years ago
Koszonom, you're really kind!
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