Hi there!

cautious range [deleted] 12:01pm, 18 July 2006
I joined the group yesterday and was wondering where you all come from?

I come originally from Germany and live, for now, in Csokonyavisonta near Barcs / Nagyatad.
gloire 12 years ago
i live in budapest... it's a nice place. you should visit us some day...
cautious range [deleted] 12 years ago
Thanks gloire :)
We have been there 3 years ago, for two short trips and it's great :)!
gloire 12 years ago
nice to hear your opinion nicole:)
Greg76 12 years ago
Born in Szeged, lived in Veszprém, Budapest, Farnborough (UK) and now back again in Szeged.

And I was actually passing by Csokonyavisonta a week ago, while on a holiday trip with my friends. How did you decide to settle here in such a little peaceful place?
cautious range [deleted] 12 years ago
Hi Gloire, we def. need to visit Budapest again.
Wasn't much in picture taking those times and now I'm eager to take some shots ;)

Hi Greg,
mh, long story short:
We where on our Honeymoon at Balaton, cause hubby worked in Hungary before and loved (loves) it. Eating in a "Restaurant" on top of the hill, close to that big circle down to Barcs, we met a Croation. He invited us to Barcs, we went and through him we met our landlords. 4 weeks later we "lived" in Csokonyavisonta :)
It's only a holiday house and we have only been here a few months altogether (we have spent 2 years in Southkorea :/)
Now, we enjoy some time off here and try not to melt in the heat ;)
amyehawthorne PRO 12 years ago
Boston, MA and I lived in Budapest for ~20 months
gloire 12 years ago
hello everyone:)
nice to see so many people, especially under the topic of hungary... what are your thaughts about the country? i know it's small, but it's an eastern sugar;) do not forget it...
do you guys know anything about our little festival? it's from the 9th 'till the 16th august... it's called SZIGET. there are some pics which i have made of it. i think it worths a look;) i can almost say that this festival is a "hungaricum" (i hope it's written correctly). they say that this is europe's biggest fest, thought i'll let you decide. search for some important information about it on the site:
gloire 12 years ago
ooh, i forgot... please tell me your thaughts and opinion about my pics... i'm curious.
cautious range [deleted] 12 years ago
Thanks for the info - gotta check it out later - when I have recovered from this crawling slow Internet line ;)
Hmmm... I was born in Germany (Krefeld), live in Austria (Vienna) and stay a lot in Hungary (Sopron, Fertörakos) as my wife's family is from Hungary
dinimueter 12 years ago
I was born in Switzerland from hungarian parents and am living there. Nevertheless big part of my family lives in Hungary and so I have been visiting the country on a regular basis in the past 20 years. My stays have been more frequent and longer in the recent years. Love the language, my mother tongue, the landscapes, the people.
habeebee PRO 12 years ago
I'm from Holland but I live in Budapest, I moved here about a year and a half ago.
scratch-media Posted 12 years ago. Edited by scratch-media (member) 12 years ago
Hi everyone, I have joined to share your pics and your stories . I joined to be a hungarian again ;) a little bit. Was born in Szarvas, Hungary and drifted away. Please visit my photostream and educate me. I'm a long time amateur photographer and maybe will become a good beginner.
OldDogNewTrick PRO 12 years ago
Hello everyone, I have been connected to this group for a while now, and it is time to introduce myself.

I am a Canadian born person of Hungarian descent. I spoke Hungarian as my first language, and had some Hungarian influence in my life until I reached my twenties and immersed myself in the rat race of life.

Then for many years, I slowly forgot my Hungarian heritage. Only now in my later years as I have more time, I find myself looking at this side of my persona again.

About a year and a half ago, I enjoyed a short visit to Hungary and realized just how Hungarian I am at heart. I am sorry to say that I can only speak a very little of the language, and am not able to read or write the language. I am spending a little bit of my time when I can to learn a few words here and there.

I hope I can once again come back for another visit some day.
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