bluetailed_sylph 10:20pm, 20 September 2010
In June i saw 48 different species of spectacular humming birds just sitting comfortably watching feeders at several lodges in Ecuador - Wildsumaco, Guango, San Isidro and Tandayapa Bird Lodge.

Does anyone have their favorite lodges for hummingbirds?

Blue-tailed sylph
greg_scott_humbird 7 years ago
In the US, there is much less variety.
For blue-throats, Cave Creek, sunny flats campground is superb.
For Lucifer Hummingbird, I got good shots at Ash Canyon B&B.
For White-Eared, Beatty's Guest Ranch in Miller canyon.
While you're there, visit Ramsey canyon, also.
These are near Sierra Vista, AZ and you can visit for a small fee.
For Violet-Crowned, Paton's private home (open to the public, donations appreciated). This is in Patagonia, AZ.
Also, the Sonita Creek Nature Preserve, right down the road about a mile, attracts many birds. They charge a small fee, and have the Violet-Crowned Hummingbird, regularly.
Patagonia State park has a nature trail that goes down to the Sonita Creek, which feeds the lake, and it's a marvelous birding spot. If you camp near the nature trail, along the lake, you will get lots of hummers at your feeder, and this may include the Violet-Crowned, which does not hang out at one feeder, but establishes a long "route", and feeders on the route are visited somewhat sporadically.
There are no picnic areas. The store/hotel just outside the park in Portal, AZ, and the Cave Creek Ranch should also be visited immediately before entering the park, and the Research station maybe 5 miles into the Cave Creek park. (Chirahuahua Mtns)
For a wide variety, Madera Canyon, is great, outside Green Valley AZ. There are several B&B/Lodges there, but I stay at Bog Springs Campground, which is wonderful.
Finally, at the Desert Museum in Tucson, you will see some of the low desert birds, like Costas and Annas. The desert museum outside has a aviary where you can see some "alien" species.
If you visit these locations for maybe 2 or 3 days, you have a good chance of seeing ALL normal US species except the Ruby Throat.
I set up a feeder at Duck Creek Campground, maybe 8 miles east of Cedar Breaks National Monument, In Utah, and had a constant stream of Broadtails. (Mostly seen before as a migrant at Cave Creek).
The best ruby throat feeder I have seen is at the nature center Lake Fausse Pointe State Park in Louisiana, during the spring migration.

I'm sure I've left out any number of birding B&B's. The southeast birding trail is a good source:
Sheri L. Williamson 6 years ago
Those are definitely some of the world's best feeding stations for hummingbird diversity, Brad. My husband and I visited the first three in July and are including them in a 2-week hummingbird-intensive tour itinerary along with three west-slope lodges that we've visited previously. We're hoping for 60 hummingbird species by the end of the trip (plus all sorts of other wonderful birds, of course).
Hummingbird Guide 6 years ago
The Desert Museum is a wonderful aviary in Arizona. We have more favorites.
Another good source is
Watch this playlist The Hummingbirds Around the World you will see many great hummngbird feeders.
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