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carf ADMIN August 31, 2009
Please move on to our fourth edition of the Reaching for a Star Campaign - 2008-09

Group Description

Don't drop
Please help a child's dream come true. Click the image!

Although this group was originally formed as a Christmas support group for the Children At Risk Foundation's work with street children and other children at risk in Brazil, CARF's needs are constant throughout the year and we are most grateful for your continual support.

The fourth edition of this campaign is now in progress. Just click on the banner below for the new group.

Flickr Xmas Campaign – Reaching for a Star


Brazil has an unaccounted number of kids living on its streets. A good figure is: thousands.
They are exposed to all sorts of violence: drugs; sex abuse, murder.
Every new day these children wake up to a nightmare.

You can change much of that sad World record.
Our beloved Hummingbird Project works mainly with street boys and girls.

Hummingbird assists almost 700 former street kids and other children at risk. Its been around for 13 years.
They provide food, art and education, health, culture, sports, love and a new life to those kids.

* Donate ANY AMOUNT.
* Post your image in here.
* Invite your friends to join.

Please add a tag: HummingbirdXmas

Here is the link to the special campaign page. Please make your donations on this page.

If anyone has problems opening the page, simply visit one of the following Blogs where there are PayPal donations near the bottom of each page:


Banda Beija-Flor (Portuguese, written by youth of Hummingbird)

Forsaken PEOPLE

Forsaken PLACES


Paypal is a very secure system with more than 80 million customers around the world. You don't need to have a PayPal account. All you need is a credit card. It is simple and fast.


Abandoned - I Abandoned - II

The long-term effect of your investment in The Hummingbird Project is easily seen above; Sandra abandoned on the streets in the early 90’s.
and below; Sandra with her own established family today.
Without our supporters this would not have been possible!

A Child is Born - VI A Child is Born - VIII

Sometimes we think it is impossible to change this situation and so just turn our backs and simply walk past:

On the Streets - VII On the Streets - II

If we had turned our backs on Robison and Eduardo above, they would never have become what they are today, thanks to our supporters!

Triptych Eduardo & Robison
Eduardo and Robison, before and after The Hummingbird Project

We must embrace the opportunity to help our children as they will embrace our caring for them.

Abandoned - IV


A gente não sabe o número exato de crianças que vivem nas ruas do Brasil.
Um bom chute: milhares.
Elas estão expostas a todo tipo de violência: drogas, assassinatos, abusos sexuais.

A gente tem o dever, como Brasileiros, de fazer algo.
Em vez de dar uns trocados no farol, dê estes trocados para quem as tira das ruas.

É o nosso querido Projeto Beija-Flor, do Greg.
São quase 700 ex-meninos e meninas de rua e outras crianças em risco, que recebem arte e educação, cultura, saúde, alimentação, um teto e uma vida nova.

- Coloque uma imagem aqui.
- Convide seus amigos para participar.

Por favor, coloque o tag: HummingbirdXmas.

Eis o link para doações
O sistema de doações é paypal, o mesmo utilizado pelo Flickr. É um dos sistemas mais confiáveis do mundo, com mais de 80.000.000 de usuários.
Você não precisa ter conta. Basta ter um cartão de crédito. É rápido, fácil e seguro.


Diptych Eduardo ISO 9000
Before and after The Hummingbird Project


Noël arrive à grands pas et des milliers d'enfants n'auront pas de cadeaux!
Il existe une ONG, connue de beaucoup du flickr, qui travaille à faveur d'enfants sans famille, sans accès à l'éducation, à la santé, sans aucun futur.

C'est le projet "Beija-flor" ( Colibri), réalisé par Greg.
Voici mon idée:

- Faites un don d'au moins U$ 5.00
- Publiez une image dans ce groupe
- Invité vos amis à participer

N'oubliez pas d'ajouter cet TAG à votre photo: HummingbirdXmas

Here is the link to the donations page


Diptych Diego
After and before The Hummingbird Project


Weihnachten steht vor der Tür und tausende von Kindern werden auch in diesem Jahr nichts bekommen. Es gibt eine Non-Profit-Organisation, die vielen Flickr-Nutzern bereits bestens bekannt ist und die mit Kindern arbeitet, die vom Leben benachteiligt sind. Sie kümmert sich um Kinder, die keine Familie haben, keinen Zugang zu Bildung, zu medizinischer Betreuung, oft nicht einmal zu Nahrung – Kinder, die ohne Hilfe keine Hoffnung auf Zukunft haben.
Diese Organisation ist das Hummingbird Project.

Die Idee dieser Gruppe ist ganz einfach:
- Spenden Sie mindestens 5 US Dollar.
- Stellen Sie Ihr Bild hier ein.
- Laden Sie Freunde ein, mitzumachen.

Bilder sollten mit dem tag „HummingbirdXmas“ versehen sein.

Hier geht’s zur Spendenseite donations page

Sollten Sie Probleme haben, den PayPal Spendenbutton am Ende des Hauptblogs zu sehen, versuchen Sie es einfach bei einem unserer anderen FlickrBlogs:


Banda Beija-Flor (in portugiesischer Sprache)

Forsaken PEOPLE

Forsaken PLACES

All diese Blogs haben PayPal Spendenbuttons, jeweils am Ende der Seite.
PayPal ist ein sehr sicheres System mit über 80 Millionen Kunden auf der ganzen Welt. Für Ihre Spende benötigen Sie kein PayPal-Konto, eine Kreditkarte genügt, um einfach und schnell zu helfen.

My creation


“I honestly hope this Christmas season arouses the Hummingbirds in great numbers, bringing their love and nectar to help strengthen the backbone of our organization. You see, it’s not enough to merely express a WOW – a GREAT – a BEAUTIFUL, a WONDERFUL, an AMAZING or a CUTE, once in a while. We need more than just words; we need your actions, because there are so many in this country still waiting for that miracle to happen.” Greg/CARF

Additional Info

  • This group will count toward the photo's limit (60 for Pro members, 30 for free members)
  • Members can post 50 things to the pool each month.
  • Accepted content types: Photos, Videos, Images, Art, Screenshots
  • Accepted safety levels: Safe
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