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The Wandering Hill ADMIN July 28, 2011
Are you liking us on Facebook yet? Have you Joined our Photographer Universe group? How about our Animal Sanctuary? All are welcome, we have discussions, competitions and more!

Group Description


Thanks for joining the Human Group, whether your an amateur or professional your welcome here.

Human Group is one of three groups, the other two being Animal Sanctuary and Photographer Universe. All of which hold themed competitions. You can get the latest information on all competitions with our Facebook page.


Feel free to upload any work you may have, photographs, paintings or digital art, we have a generous 6-a-day limit. Please make sure all work follows the Animal Sanctuary rules.


Competitions are becoming a huge part of our three groups. Photographer Universe, Human Group and Animal sanctuary will be hosting themed competitions on a weekly basis to get our members testing themselves and their abilities.

Want to know how to post your image in the competition? Simply click this link.


Anybody is welcome to post new topics or join in on posts. We encourage people to join in discussions and competitions. As long as discussions follow the rules of the group we're happy to have them on the board.


If you've been part of the group for a while and frequently post work and discussions then please contact Digihill for moderator status.

Other Interests

If your game for some challenges and opportunities to learn new techniques, then Join us on Facebook, if your on Twitter, you can even join us there!

Like video tutorials? Great, we currently have video tutorials on Adobe Lightroom, Photoshop and Raw Editor, with huge thanks of course, to EDMac Designs, be sure to subscribe for more!

If you like framed pictures, stickers, clothing, freebies and artwork, then join Digihill on Facebook! They offer you the chance to showcase your hand crafted or digital art.

Group Rules

Welcome - Group Rules

The Human Group is open to any photographer with any level of experience. Join us and share your work in a friendly environment with a welcoming community.

Submit any feel work containing people that you wish, but please make sure they follow the rules listed below.

The Human Group has a good team of Moderators, if you have any issues with the group or individuals please feel free to contact a moderator or the group administrator who can be found on the home page.

A generous limit of 6 pieces of work may be submitted to the group pool on a daily basis. Work is automatically accepted into the group but a team of moderators and the administrator check content on a daily basis. Feel free to report anything you find unfit for work place viewing.

1. Nudity
Any pornographic images submitted will result in a permanent ban. Artistic nudity is not allowed and you may receive a permanent ban. Please think carefully before posting pictures of people.

2. Violence, Gore and Abuse
Images containing gore will be removed and based on severity, the poster will face a permanent ban. Please do not post artistic imagery depicting death as this has previously caused upset.

3. Member Behaviour
Any member found being abusive or using foul language on any group discussion will banned. Please do not be critical of other members work unless they ask for constructive criticism.

4. Advertisement and Spam
Please do not create discussions advertising your personal website, other photo sharing account, social networking account or auction listings. Threads will be created for people who wish to advertise. Repeat offenders will be banned.

6. Hate and Discrimination
Any work uploaded which may contain any form of discrimination, racism, animal cruelty or any form of propaganda or preaching hate will be removed and the member banned without question. The responsible member will also be reported.

Please keep this group a safe place for all people to share, admire and socialise with one another.

Thank you all, please enjoy the group.

Additional Info

  • Members can post 6 things to the pool each day.
  • Accepted content types: Photos, Images, Art, Screenshots
  • Accepted safety levels: Safe
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