KYGirl Photography PRO 4:39pm, 2 February 2006
I thought it would be fun to see what everyone used to do for a living! The last job I had (and believe me, it was a job!) was owning my own Flower and Gift Shop for 7 years. Was sick of being on call 7 days a week and the responsibilities of ownership. I decided to get out while I was still young enough to enjoy life and be able to travel and do the things I wanted to do for a change. I retired June 1, 2005 and now I can't figure out how I had the time to work!
Railwalker [deleted] Posted 11 years ago. Edited by Railwalker (member) 11 years ago
I retired Christmas day from a local flower shop.I found out I had a bad blood problem that causes me to have very little oxygen in my blood.I also worked at a movie theatre running the movies.I played drums in a easy listening band and also did sports photography to help the local paper.
RickCoker 11 years ago
I retired December 31, 2005 from Gainesville State College, a unit of the University System of Georgia. I had been the Executive Director of Information Technology and CIO there for the last 25 years.

Am back working with them part-time, but only doing what I want to do. Having a blast!
Julie70 Joyoflife PRO 11 years ago
I retired from microcomputers, macintosh business, teaching, writing, what... about 15 years ago, and then begin to write.

I come back to computers more after I begin to blog, every day and several times a day, and make and publish photos too.

Am I retired?

Perhaps for "regular job" and sometimes even for direct contact with people, but otherwise, no, I am "working" with pleasure as I always was. Nowdays is more pleasure and the other parts of work that were also accompagnying the wonderfull part are farther from me.

And now, I can even put videos (made from my pics) on my blog! and listen to my blog and flickr friends song's.
Glen's Pics PRO 11 years ago
Retired from something. Let me think a minute, it's hard to remember. Now I do what I want, when I want, if I want and I don't start it until 10 AM. Oh yes, now I remember. I am a retired professor from the Department of Special Education, College of Education, University of New Mexico in Albuquerque, NM.
SusanD182 & John D125 11 years ago
Retired from driving a Taxicab in City of New Orleans, LA in May 2006. I was one of the lucky ones, had a home and job when I came home to New Orleans 09/29/06. Love taking pictures, and my web pages, and learning new things on my computer. Travel at least once a year.
FL Flower 11 years ago
Oh this is interesting!..........I'm a retired music teacher. Had my own music studio, taught the accordion and guitar. Also taught music theory and composition, had three bands, gave recitals and we played out just for the fun of it. I had a wonderful career in music, loved every minute of it.

Was able to raise my three children without a father around. The Lord blessed me 10 fold! Today my fingers are crippled with arthritis but I can play the harmonica . I will always love music. Played instruments ever since I can remember!
Raggs56 11 years ago
Yep! Retired and lovin it!
I worked for the govt for 15 years and loved it.
But God blessed us with a son (later in life) and that completed our world!
Now both my husband and I are retired (Trip67) and love it!
God bless!
Johnpa. 11 years ago
Went underground into the coalmines just after my 16th birthday.
Hung up my lamp for the last time 43 years later
Have been retired for 10 years now, and am a relative novice at digital photography and computers, so just muddle along as best I can.
Rsguy PRO 10 years ago
Retired as Colonel of the Tennessee Highway Patrol with 33 years service in 2003. Having a blast helping coach my Grandsons Pee Wee football team and taking amateur photo's.
My wife says she now has half the money but twice the husband!

I find dealing with 5-6 year olds is very much like dealing with the politicians who I had to deal with as head of the Patrol....except the kids are a lot more fun and have more sense! LOL
bothy photo 10 years ago
See profile
buttersweet 10 years ago
hello. i happened to find this group by accident. nice to meet you all. i'm 56, retired from the US Government - worked in the VA Hospital system since 1971.

All of a sudden, I found out I could make as much money sitting at home as beating my brains out in the VA.

I have only been taking photographs a little over a year. I did do mostly flower photography, but have gone off in an abstract obsession. My photos might be kind of weird, but I hope you enjoy them.

I also have a small business with my sister making crazy quilt purses and christmas stockings. I'm still busy, I am just doing what i like now.

The Ancient Brit. PRO 10 years ago
I found this group by noticing the groups to which someone who commented on one of my shots belonged. Since the title summed up my situation so completely, I felt obliged to join.

I retired from driving London buses (yes, those big red ones) seven years ago. I came to buses late in life and with thirty years accident free driving and a clean licence (not so much as a parking offence) I thought I must be in with a chance as a professional driver

Three weeks training followed and at the end of the first week my instructor convinced me I would be a danger to the public wheeling a bicycle along a pavement. By the middle of the second week, he bought me a cup of tea. This was honour indeed for it meant I had driven a whole day without touching a kerb (touching a kerb meant you had to buy him his teas for the day and he did not normally expect to buy teas until the second week of training). By the third week, we were mates! No more bellowing in my ear asking if I thought the mirrors had fallen off and was that why I was not using them or other such pleasantries. The day before my bus test we took the bus into the countryside because his wife was keen on homemade blackcurrant jam and he knew just where to find and pick them.. Although nervous on the day, I did a technicoloured yawn having had breakfast; but I passed my test.

I spent nine years driving for London Transport and enjoyed every minute of it. Driving in heavy traffic for a day does not sound like fun but being big, weighing over ten tons and painted bright red does help. You are not worried about going anywhere like everyone else since you are coming straight back one you have got there and again unlike everyone else, you are getting paid for doing it.

Passengers were for me the best part of the job. I remember one passenger who plonked a £1 on my tray and said noting (£1 is 100 pence and we did two fares, 80 pence and fifty pence). Would you like a 50p or an 80p fare I asked him? I’m not sure was the reply. What is your destination I asked? I’m going to my sister’s he said. 80 pence please I said. He was guaranteed a fare to end of the route and could not be done by an inspector for underpaying I got his bum on a seat without any further ado and the bus down the road.

One morning at 0300 hrs when rising for an early turn I decided the job was better suited to someone younger than me. I retired and moved to North Wales, Bangor and once I learnt to sleep at nights without the noise of silence disturbing me, I never looked back.
midmophil [deleted] 10 years ago
I am a retired high school band director. Of course, there were those 13 lost years in administration, but I regained my senses and got back into music, my first love, and never looked back. So, at the end of the school year 2004-05 I could tell the kids had lost interest in anything I had to tell them, so I packed up my little tuba and got out. Now, I just teach whomever I choose in my private studio, do a couple of days a week at a community college teaching guitar and direct a few amateur groups around town and in church. I am also involved in the restoration of an old opera house in our community. I've been married 37 years to the same wonderful woman and have two grown sons (who werre smart enough to marry beautiful and smart ladies) and one beautiful granddaughter. Besides that I just try to keep my nose clean and not dribble all over myself.

Oh! Yeah, and add cameras to my collection so I can post pictures here on Flickr. I'm not a good photographer, but I love to take pictures and play with my cameras. You won't see any great art in my photos, but hopefully you'll see something you like, and if you do let me know and I'll do the same for you.

It's nice to meet one and all.
OHcorgis PRO 10 years ago
Hi everyone. I am on the retiring end of my pet grooming business and showing Pembroke Welsh Corgi dogs. I may have my very last litter of puppies in February if all goes well. I enjoy herding sheep with my corgi and participating in Rally Obedience.

I am also busy with five websites that I developed and keep current. That is how I started my photography hobby because I needed good photos for the sites. I got my first DSLR camera 2 years ago, I now have two cameras and a whole bunch of gear to go with.

I also play on my Macintosh computers so I should fit in here;)))

Happy to meet you all
Ideemyphotos [deleted] 10 years ago
On early retirement. My latest job was teaching computer use to elderly people. I fit here very well since I sit at my computer nearly all the day. My "studio" is 3 ft of tabe in front of a window in my computer room. I take photos of flowers there and edit them for use in screensaver.
charallais 10 years ago
I am a retired civil servant and have emigrated now writing and doing photography.
pmarella 10 years ago
Retired from the railroad !
momhascrafts PRO 10 years ago
Retired accountant.. 1988.. Firm sold out to someone and was forced out..
Self employed 1989 -2005
Really retired it.

1989 took some art classes.. Did tax returns for several small "mom and pop businesses"
And started a business in decorative painting.. antiques, crafty stuff.
My grandmother taught me as a child to crochet and I still love to do that...
Will be married 48 years in July 2007
5 sons, 5 beautiful daughters-in-law, 5 granddaughters, 2 grandsons, 1 great grandson and another great on the way.

We live at least 1000 miles south of our family and we do not like that part of being retired... We see our family 2 twice a year so we can hug..but keep in touch with all of them with modern technology...cell phones, web cams, email. etc.
A few of the family are on Flickr also..

My favorite things to keep me busy..
Flickr...since August 6, 2006
Scrapbooking and card making.
Decorative painting, Taught decorative painting
Crocheting and quilting taking discarded items and make something useful or decorative of them..
Hubby and I play one of these games every day.. Scrabble, dominos, or rummy...

Happy to be a member of this group.
THANKS Pat for the invite....pmarella
blowing in the wind 10 years ago
Hi everyone...I found this site my accident and since my life fits the title I decided to join.

I retired in April of 2002 after 31 years at Dartmouth College in the Department of Psychological and Brain Sciences. I started there as the low grade secretary and left as assistant to the Chair. Love my job and was sure that I'd go crazy with boredom when I retired...HA! I did miss the faculty, staff and students for a VERY short time...maybe a day or so. Love retirement and don't know how I ever had the time to work outside my home before.

I love gardening, photography, cooking, and caring for my horses and my home.

I've seen some great photography here and I'm looking forward to meeting you all. Fran
mickswall 10 years ago
Hi there - I`m a new member 67 years old and a retired Building Surveyor living in Lancashire U.K. Have posted a few photos in the last week.
Feathering the Nest 10 years ago
Hello - I retired early from the University of Oxford, UK. Many years as an Admin Secretary.
3000 names 10 years ago
Hello everyone !
I am new in here ,also new retired from the teacher occupation .Living aboard more than half of my life ,deside to go back to my home country while i still can doing things i like and dream to do ,like painting , travelling ,living close to the sea ,beach and have good time .That will be Thailand .
Larpoon PRO Posted 10 years ago. Edited by Larpoon (member) 10 years ago
Good morning, my name is Gordon, I am from Queensland Australia am 68 years young and
thoroughly enjoying my retirement years.
The majority of my working life was spent in the Royal Australian Navy and then worked around the South East Asia area for several years.
My interests are Bonsai, Tai Chi, music of all forms, travel, reading and photography.
Purchased my first computer some sixteen months which has opened up a whole new world for me.
Looking forward to visiting your photos and joining in the discussions.
fredpanassac 9 years ago
Hello! I am French, and a retired german teacher! I enjoy joining this group! It's nice to read such interesting things. Thanks!
listorama Posted 9 years ago. Edited by listorama (member) 9 years ago
I retired at age 55 from The Boeing Company in 2002. Over the years I worked as a schedule planner, change board representative, facilitator, computer programmer, and process analyst. The last two jobs were my favorites.

The transition from working (on a Friday) to not working (the following Monday) was painless and I have not been bored at all. My wife is also retired. We stay up late and get up late. The alarm clock is rarely used. It's great not having to worry on Sunday that "tomorrow I have to go back to work."

Retirement resulted in two disappointments. First, without the structure of going to work, it is easy to lose track of which day of the week it is. This bothered me so much that I got a watch with a day/date function. The other problem is that it was painful to realize that the connection between me and my work colleagues existed only because we were forced by circumstance to interact with one another. When I retired, that connection was lost. I have contact with only two former colleagues. I miss the regular social interaction of work---but not enough to even consider going back to work. Another, minor, disappointment is that we can no longer get comfort from yelling "WEEKEND!" on Friday afternoons.

All in all, retirement is great!
spelio PRO Posted 9 years ago. Edited by spelio (member) 3 months ago
Ditto, :-) here lisorama

All in all, retirement is great!


see my Profile and search for ACT Forests Office Staff etc....
Retired early from a two year college. Glad I made the decision!
Like your group here.
rrehow [deleted] 9 years ago
Retired from the World's finest Navy after 20 plus years, went to work for an Engineering firm and got tired of it after 17 years, figured we had enough to get by, and who needs more than that ? Worked part time for Home Depot for two years because I liked helping and working with people but could no longer stand the way Home Depot treated it's employees so retired for good. Happy Days since........
sieber_werner PRO 9 years ago
I retired after 27 years in research at a chemical corporation. I liked my job, but towards the end, the influence of marketing became overwhelming, so time was ripe, and the transition was smooth.
FancyLady PRO 9 years ago
I retired from commercial banking. But being retired is definitely more fun. I love photography and lots of other hobbies. I'll have to live to be 150 to get all my projects done.
Gene Wilburn 9 years ago
I retired from a career in IT -- computer technology. It was a lot of fun, but I'm glad to put aside the deadlines and pressures.

I've enjoyed photography since I was a kid, but had a long hiatus from it until digital came along and I rediscovered the joy. Now I always carry a camera with me on my daily walks and bike rides.

Oh, and yes, there's a local Starbucks terribly well situated at a good resting point on my walks. I spend time there sipping coffee and writing in my journal. A poor man's Paris cafe :-)

+David+ PRO 8 years ago
I retired 13 years ago from a Seminary where I did all the in-house printing. Also in charge of bulk mailings and a few other odds and ends. It was a great one-person job for 17 years. I could have any kinds of pictures I wanted on the walls, plants, feed the birds right outside the window and play the radio as loud as I wanted.

Seen in the group"Retired and Loving It!" (?)
CanfieldDave PRO 8 years ago
I retired on October 31, 2008, from a General Electric plant in Ohio, with 39 years of service, that closed that same day. I was a Shift leader/Lead Mechanic in charge of third shift (we did not have any foreman or management on the off shifts). The reason that the plant closed is because all the product lines were being transfered to other countries such as Mexico or Hungary or China!

It also closed because we made filaments for incandescent light bulbs. Everyone is pushing to switch to those Compact Florescent type (CFL) lights. Most people don't know that those contain mercury as to all florescent lights. Mercury is a highly toxic metal that can cause all kinds of health issues including birth defects and death. Yet there are countries all over the world, including the USA, pushing the use of these CFLs as a way to reduce the emissions of greenhouse gases. They may do that, but what happens when the entire world is using CFLs and they are ending up in landfills and all that accumulated mercury is ending up in our ground water supply? Did anyone ever think of that?

Then to top that off, THOUSANDS of U.S. jobs are being lost to other countries because the companies that make the CFLs, including GE, are making them in off shore!

Sorry to sound like I am preaching. After 39 years with GE, I was ready to retire but so many other people that worked at the plant where I worked were not in that position. They are now out of work and the chances of finding work are slim in this area. I am glad I could retire and I wish them all good luck!
left--handed 8 years ago
Took early retirement at age 57 after a lot of years working for the UK Civil Service in a variety of jobs, all with an IT dimension. My last position was writing web pages in English and Welsh, but I have also done COBOL programming, Systems Design, Network Management and Microsoft Office Training.

We travel extensively in the UK, and try to get into continental Europe at least once per year. We also like to get away long-haul every 2 or 3 years if finances allow.

Howard33 8 years ago
Teaching. 33 years in the same system. Mostly middle school level.
K. Kendall 8 years ago
University teaching--drama and English. Retired in Dec. 2007 and am still decompressing. Is it really possible I don't have to grade papers every weekend? I don't have to write academic papers nobody wants to read? Still pinching myself and dazed with joy and wonder. I'm writing what I WANT to write and fooling around with photography just for fun.
ClaraDon PRO Posted 8 years ago. Edited by ClaraDon (member) 8 years ago
Hi all. I just found this group. I see my good friend bill.fu found it first. I retired in 1998 from the U.S. Postal Service. I started with them as a Letter Carrier and retired as a Station Manager.
Now like so many of you I have no idea how I found time to go to work. I'm the family photographer...and we have a very large family. Clara and I have 9 daughters... no boys....just a house full of stunningly beautiful girls.
Clara and I are a team. Years ago when we had a boat, it was the ClaraDon, our e-mail is ClaraDon, so it's also my user name in here. Very often I get called Clara, but I don't mind. Clara's total involvement with computers is e-mail, and playing games like Yahtzee, and Solitaire
I am deeply into photography. I make not one cent doing it but I enjoy it tremendously. I bought a DSLR camera last summer and I'm into the Photoshop software. There used to be a saying that pictures never lie, but mine lie all the time. Like when two of our grandsons were at the desk while President Bush was signing a Bill. They were right there mixed in with Senators and other big-wigs.
By the way if any of you are struggling with Photoshop I have a series of Tutorials designed for beginners to intermediate level on my photostream . Click Here
This group doesn't seem to have a theme so I guess I can post some of my Photoshop pics in here
TxStarz 8 years ago
I worked for 10 years for a food chain, 5 years in automotive sales, 10 years managing a cotton gin and running our trucking company. When kiddos started having kids I semi - retired to take care of grand kids. Little did I know how much work it was but the benefits out way the work. I have taken photos since I got my first Kodak instamatic when I was 12, I still have the camera too by the way LOL. After finding Flickr and digital cameras .. I am enjoying my favorite hobby and being a semi-retired grandmother.
Pattie Bloomfield [deleted] 8 years ago
Its all here :-]
Retired teacher and love never having to do recess and lunch duties! I love photography and it fills my days with pure pleasure!
littlebiddle PRO 8 years ago
I retired from the Air Force 25 years ago and then had to go find a real job {I was a boat mechanic in the Air Force}. I did building maintenance and worked for a Real Estate Developer and cleared the land so he could get rich off my labor! I just retired from The Yakima Country Club where I was the Building Maintenance Engineer, whatever that was! Loved my job and the free meals were great! Gonna miss lunch time! My wife has three more years to work and then we plan on doing some traveling! So I have that long to complete her "Honey Do List"!
ast2009 8 years ago
Finnish retired Information Manager using my professional skills now totally for my own enjoyment.
roger66 PRO 7 years ago
Hi I used to be a qualified nurse since 1964.Retired in May this year having done everything.Was a manager of a ward at one time worked my way up through the ranks over the years.But looking back the NHS is not a patch like it used to be 10yrs ago.I am glad that I am retired because I think it will only get worse.It is nice not having to get up early in the mornings.
Greatest Paka Photography PRO Posted 7 years ago. Edited by Greatest Paka Photography (member) 7 years ago
I used to automate libraries for a living.....I did that for over thirty years and, though one might think that libraries are boring places, it was one of the most exciting careers one could imagine. From almost a totally manual operation we brought libraries into the modern age. Today, I would challenge you to find a library without a computer. But that was then and now I'm having a blast with photography. For the last five years, since my retirement, I've read all the books on photography that I could lay my hands on, and; I've taken most all the courses on photography there are at our local community college. See the results for yourself.....I'm at ..... I welcome your comments.
Mysophie08 PRO 7 years ago
I retired from health care and those 80 hour/week job frequently working 36 hours straight. I was passionate about my work but I was ready to retire and do some other things. The health care situation is going to be much worse than it used to be.
So my husband and I have been traveling alot in our RV and seeing America, Mexico, Alaska, Canada, and we have enjoyed it all. It is like being a grown up teenager and getting to do what you want to do. Getting older you really don't care what others think anymore. You can get away with a lot more.
I enjoy photography very much and even though I am technically challenged I can see some improvement from last year.
I retired as a Park Ranger with the National Park Service, after 35 years. I started at the Statue of Liberty in 1973, and have worked with NPS and the Bureau of Land Management in five states and numerous parks. Most of the work was in the field of Interpretation & Education. I now volunteer with NPS, mostly helping my old park (Gateway National Recreation Area here in NYC) with photography and administering several Flickr groups for them.
DeePee64 PRO 7 years ago
Hello all, I've just joined the group having stumbled across it from a commentator on one of my photos.

Career in a nutshell: Royal Navy for 24 years specialising in maritime sound signature analysis; 13 month mild flirtation with an insurance company [not very good at it]; 20 years as a local government officer specialising in transportation related project management. Probably did just as much work in my leisure pursuits but no need for mention of that here.

Took advantage of voluntary redundancy at end of March 2009 just prior to my 63rd birthday. Since then I don't know how I ever managed to fit work into my life. :>)

Looking forward to viewing yours and sharing that is!!
tennie2 7 years ago
Hey there....
I've had different jobs but never one that gave me a can't say 'I retired', but I did quit working!

Jobs in education (elem, remedial reading) plus restaurants, inventory.

Husband retired from education at 55 years...I was 50 and decided to 'retire' from housework. He helps a lot, I just do what needs to be done right.
conner395 PRO 7 years ago
Hi I am Dave from Inverness, the Capital of the Scottish Highlands.

I retired from the Police after 30 years, in 2003, and have since been back working temporarily for the Force a couple of times, for a total of nearly 3 years, but I am currently "resting", enjoying the 3 grandchildren - and "decompressing" (as someone above put it so well!!)

I am going to have to get out and find something part-time to get me out from under my wife's feet, but meantime I am enjoying while I can - my new-found love of photography, cataloguing my various (law enforcement related)collections, and making lists of things I will (?) do around the house eventually! Then of course Flickr takes up a lot of time (but I love it), co-admin'ing a number of groups and communicating with folk around the world.
KaCey97078 PRO 7 years ago
Saw a contact of mine belonged to this group and of course was curious.. Now here I am...
I retired as an Outside Plant Engineer from the Telephone Company when it was still Ma Bell.. December 15, 1982..I was only in my 50s but didn't know what the retirement that I had worked for, for 34 years, would be like after the split soooo, when they offered early retirement, I took it... I loved my job but have certainly enjoyed my retirement... One of the fellows I worked with suggested d that I go to work for an engineering firm and draw wages and pension but I told him that If I wanted to work, I wouldn't be retiring..

I am now 79 and loving every minute I have left on this earth.. Spend lot of time on the computer and when I can get out, taking pictures... I don't drive a lot of places so most of my shots are around my area and once in a while a friend will drive me to places I want to specially see again, Like Mt Hood and the Pacific Ocean...

Have a great Day Every one and live it to the fullest !!!!

Cindy Mc
Betsy J... PRO 7 years ago
I just stumbled upon this group and since I recently retired I thought I might fit right in. I'm especially pleased to see that one of my very best flickr friends, Cindy Mc, has joined just before me... what a nice surprise.

I'm a registered nurse and have worked part-time since we started a family years ago. Now our two daughters and one son are grown and each of them have two kids of their own. I was born and raised in the beautiful Pocono Mountains of northeast Pennsylvania but we moved to Florida as newlyweds in 1963.

I've only been retired two months but I have plenty of interests to keep me busy. I love to read, crochet, and enjoy nature photography although I'm very much a novice with the camera. I also am active in our church and play in our little bell choir.

I'm looking forward to seeing all the photos you have to share from your part of the world.
Mike. Sullivan PRO 6 years ago
I retired from a life of sales, I was the International Territory Manager for Loewen Windows of ( Steinbach) Canada, when I retired, before that I was a UK regional manager selling Andersen Windows, so if you need to know anything about windows or Doors!

"Cherish each moment for they are as precious as YOU"
criswa PRO 6 years ago
Retired mechanical engineer, living in Brisbane, Australia.
TrawdenMan 6 years ago
Retirement...the seven day weekend!!

I retired April 2010 after 43 years with BT (British Telecom) as a field service engineer, worked outdoors in all kinds of weather, year round. Used to love meeting a wide variety of people and working in their homes and places of work, lifestyles etc, sometimes miss this aspect of the job.
My wife says I should write a book about it, but I don't think people would believe how the other half live!
As for doing the job, dont miss it at all. These days if you can think for yourself, use your initiative and common sense, you are deemed to be a dangerous individual in the workplace. Its just the way the world is.

Now I have more time to indulge in photography and cycling. Been taking digital photos for about four years now. Previously took film for 20 years. Would'nt go back to film, i love the immeadiacy of digital, no expert with photoshop but i get by. Prefer to get the picture right in the first place if i can rather than spend time on the computer.
CameraGirlUSA 6 years ago
I am a former Police 911 Communications Officer (Dispatcher). Loved my job an my fellow brothers and sisters in Blue. I still maintain several levels of communications with my old department buddies. Still have my department email listed there, lol. Some of us "old timers" get together when time allows even if it's by phone or over the web. After leaving the police department I worked several years in the mortgage banking business reviewing case files for fraud, liked that too. Now I volunteer for orgs that support our military troops, their famiies, and for the Thin Blue Line. I'm one to be on-the-go a lot and RV as much as time allows. I'm pretty straight forward about life, love to have fun and enjoy being work-free, lol. My passions are few but the ones I committ to are very rewaarding to me. Love to ride bike, second seat for the Patriot Guard Riders in support of our troops. Through the many years I have worn many hats but these are the ones that I name as my life's work. Well everyone, continue to enjoy your (our) retirements!
Again21 [deleted] 6 years ago
Sixty Five in October, retired from the US Navy after 23 years, and public purchasing after 15 years. In SE Kansas.
anne's passion 6 years ago
I retired in 2008 after teaching for 30 years. I taught second, fourth, and fifth grade throughout my teaching career. Even though I loved teaching, I am so glad I am now retired. Now I can spend time reading, crocheting, and doing my favorite thing -- photography. What a great life we lead as retirees.
BrentonCooper 6 years ago
Howdy...found this group by typin retired. I retired in 2005 as a full-time professional industrial/underground mining photographer. Say that 5x. Now anyone with a digital camera thinks they are photographers. Phooey! Over 3,000 weddings to my credit. Still have families from the 1970s ordering more photos in 2011. Work for United Mine Services all over the world. Saw massive gold and silver veins in South Africa, North America. Worked, worked work! Dang retired now and it feels good! Still stuck in photography just can't shake this bug. Glad I retired, everyone wants me to sell my photography. haHah! Been there, done that, got the tee-shirt! Now I just do it cuz that's all I know! Whoopee! Adios fer now! Photography for fun!
leeandtacky 5 years ago
Hi, just noticed this group and joined because the name fits me perfectly.
I retired from teaching middle school instrumental music in 04 after 30 years of teaching. My wife retired from teaching special ed the year after me because she was jealous. I'm looking forward to sharing photos and seeing how you guys enjoy retirement.
Joe Desiderio PRO 5 years ago
Hello fellow members. I just found this group because a member commented on one of my photos. I'm retired since Friday, April 13, 2012 (Yes, that's Friday the 13th). I turned 62 on April 11th and retired as a Admin Supervisor with the NYC Police Department after 33 years. I just posted a bunch of pics taken in Cold Spring, NY.
Howard33 5 years ago
I retired after a 33 year career as a teacher. That was in 1993. Now I travel.
pictureman WA 5 years ago
I retired from the US Army in 1985, I sold cars for a couple of yrs learning about sales and went into the wedding portrait business full time.. I had been shooting weddings and other stuff since i was in my 20's.. Now at 67yrs old I am retired from the wedding and portrait business and I sell my photographic art on line, at art shows and a local copop gallery.. loving retirement!!
carole_1944 [deleted] 4 years ago
Hello, I'm new to both the group and photography - have just been taking pics for 3 weeks and have just been given a Canon 1000D which I'm so excited about.

I love photographing people and faces & had a wonderful shoot in our local market recently. I've spent most of my life in counselling, mostly in the health service, and training people in communication skills etc so people are definitely my 'thing'. It's interesting to do street photography where you try to be invisible to your subject and just let them be themselves rather than posing,
Babs⚆graphy [deleted] 4 years ago
Retired from nursing after 40++ years!
..Russ.. 2 years ago
My first retirement was in 1999 after 30 years with Ford Motor Company Parts and Service division.

Then: I did computer IT for 7 years and then...

I was a dispatcher (PCO III) for the Texas Department of Public Safety (state police) for 7 years.

I'm fully retired now an lovin' it!
dcsorrell PRO 2 years ago
Hi, everyone; I'm retired from full time childrearing and caregiving, and now I do volunteer work in my originally chosen profession. I'm enjoying my new freedom to get more serious about photography, at last.
PJPenrose Posted 3 months ago. Edited by PJPenrose (member) 3 months ago
I've had many careers. My most recent...and perhaps, final, was a computer repair business.
just1snap PRO 2 months ago
NHS. Medical Secretary in a Radiology Department for 25 years. Couldn't wait to get out. Love being retired, just don't like the ageing body protests! :-)
PJPenrose 2 months ago

Ain't that the truth!
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