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Life-Photography ADMIN June 3, 2012
Flickrs True Reflection - Level 3 - Photos must have 6+ awards from level 2

- PLEASE REMEMBER TO COMMENT with the award code below (P1/A5) DO NOT POST AND RUN!
- If you wish not to comment, then please DO NOT add photo to this stream - NON COMMENTS, INSTANT BAN.
- Sweeper is running!


NOTICE - YOU MUST have required number of Level 2 awards to post here or YOU and YOUR IMAGE WILL BE REMOVED. WARNING: SECOND TIME = BAN

Group Description

Level 3

This group is for qualified photos ONLY from Level 2 - Flickrs True Reflection
Photos must have 6+ awards from Level 2

Please read Common Group Rules.
Photograph of violence/ cruelty /posting dead insects/animals, anything that can hurt someone are not be allowed

As per rule post one photo and give awards to (5) photos within the group's pool.
Give awards to photos on first 2 pages of the pool using group award code.
6 awards to qualify to next level for Flickrs True Reflection - Level 4
Invite not required, but the sweeper will be running.

Please use the award code below to award 5 photos immediately.

Seen and appreciated in
Flickrs True Reflection - Level 3 (P!/A5)

<a href="https://www.flickr.com/groups/1755621@N23/"><img
src="https://farm7.static.flickr.com/6198/6120031264_94e47b98d0_m.jpg" width="240" height="141" alt="Flickrs True Reflection - Level 3 " /></a>
<b><i>Photos with 6+ group awards</i></b>

<a href="https://www.flickr.com/groups/1751749n21/"><b><i>Please post direct HERE.</i></b></a>

Please tag your photo "FlickrsTrueReflection_3"

Seen and appreciated in
Flickrs True Reflection - Level 3 (P!/A5)

Flickrs True Reflection - Level 3
Photos with 6+ group awards post direct HERE.

Please tag your photo "FlickrsTrueReflection_3"

Group Rules


1. NUDITY IS NOT ALLOWED. Offensive and tasteless photos will be removed. Repeat offenders will be banned. Only pictures rated "public" are accepted and Admins reserve the right to remove any image deemed unacceptable for whatever reason and without reference to the particular member concerned. Nude photos of children, no matter how cute or innocent are not allowed.

This group does not accept images of women or men in underwear.

2. After posting your image, please comment on ANY 5 photos within page 1 using the group's comment code below. Award sweeper is active. Want to contest your ban for not awarding? Contact administration we will put your request to a vote.

3. When joining please invite at least one person to the group.

4. No reposting images, do not delete and repost photos to keep them in the front pages this will get you removed or banned from the groups.

5. You can only post 1 picture per day!

6. Do not start your own discussion topic. We do not need more than what we have now. If you cannot find an area to talk about what is on your mind, feel free to contact us by email. No Exceptions.

7.Disrespect of Administration or Moderators will not be tolerated and you will be banned without warning.

8. Awards from accounts with no photos will not count and the use of fake accounts for awards to get ahead will earn an instant ban.

9. Just one picture per member at any time.

10. Only images still in Flickr True Reflection pool are eligible to level up - please do not delete your photo from any level.

Racist, sexual, harassing or rude comments could earn you an instant and permanent ban from all the groups. Anyone who feels they have been given a comment that is inappropriate needs to leave the comment on their photo and contact an Administrator ASAP so we may view the comment and take the appropriate action needed. If you delete the comment so we cannot view it there is nothing we can do. No one should be harassed in our groups. The victim will remain anonymous to the accused.

Good luck and enjoy taking part in Flickr's True Reflection Group Awarding Challenge...:

Additional Info

  • Members can post 1 thing to the pool each day.
  • Accepted content types: Photos, Images
  • Accepted safety levels: Safe
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