Tate Gallery 8:58pm, 5 August 2007
The judges (Val Williams and Susan Bright, co-curators of How We Are: Photographing Britain; Derek Ridgers, photographer whose work is included in the exhibition; Heather Champ, photographer and member of the Flickr team; and Greg Whitmore, Observer Picture Editor) have now each selected two photographs from each of the four themes, and we are very pleased to announce the 'Final 40' winners.

We would like to thank everyone who took part in How We Are Now for making the project such a success.

The winners are:


David Charding

Argyle Street
Anthony Day

Untitled 2
untitled 2

'nother Dog
Miss Aniela
'Nother dog!

Enjoy the stormy weather
Tung-Shen Hsie
enjoy the stormy weather!


"dog lakeside"
Will Grant
dog lakeside

Beauty and the Hoodie
Jay Mawson
Beauty and the Hoodie (Young Lust)

Anna M White



Towards Blackcombe
Kate Kirkwood

Westminster Bridge
Sylvain Deleu
Westminster Bridge London

Bryter Later
Bryter layter

Natural Light from the Window
Natural Light From The Window.

Deptford Creek
David Kendall

Stay on the Path
Tommy Martin
Stay on the Path

Monkey Magic


drive way
drive way

Ullswater Barn
Jody Miller
Ullswater barn

Still Life

Cannery Row
Albert Freeman
Cannery Row

Kate Smith

Deckchairs revolt in Eastbourne
Richard Thomson
deckchairs revolt in Eastbourne

Cocoa and Cream
Sarah Marchant / doow
cream and cocoa


Grandma's Shoes
Anna M White
Grandma's  shoes

Jade Vine03 RBGE
Neil Montgomery
Jade Vine 03 RBGE

Long Way Down
Marianne Taylor
Long Way Down

"You Could Start An Argument in An Empty House, You"
David Roberts
'You Could Start An Argument In An Empty House You'

Lizzie's Wall
Jason Hynes


Cleaning London's Black Cabs
Stephen Murphy
Cleaning London's Black Cabs (set)

Three BIG Men
Three BIG Men

Leeds Leap
Ben Anderson
Urban Motion #0.5 (Leeds Leap)

Life is a choise
Life is a choise

Fen Smith

David Pattinson

Grace Pattison


Hampton Court
Nhung Dang / nhungsta
Hampton Court

Tyre and Furniture Repair Shop
Gavin Parry
Tyre and Furniture Repair Shop
Brenda Anderson 12 years ago
Great collection! Congrats to all!
benroberts 12 years ago
really cool to see some of my contacts in there... congrats!
PaulvanDijk 12 years ago
the puking guy, lol, who picked that? :>

but, lovely set of 40, great pictures, and i think the museum-internet interaction is a great choice.
Alex-U- Posted 12 years ago. Edited by Alex-U- (member) 12 years ago
Great choice . is anything goingt to be done with the remaining 7,819 photos ?
Mad_T 12 years ago
great pictures! congratulations!
that dave never thought how famous his puking will be...
Stuart K. Seels 12 years ago
Congratulations to one and all. It was a privilage being considered. Well done to the winners.
Eric Hands 12 years ago
Well done all.....
scientific oranges [deleted] 12 years ago
Great to see monkeymagic there
and bennehboy's parkour photo.
virgorama 12 years ago
Congrats to Monkey Magic and everyone else!
jerry DANIEL 12 years ago
Thanks for organising this, it was the right thing todo at the right time
ososment 12 years ago
well done everyone!
-RobW- 12 years ago
Congrats to the winners! I love the "Life is a Choise" one :oD
*Melody* 12 years ago
Many congrats to all the winners :)
Topsy@Waygood 12 years ago
Well done to everyone. Particularly to Jay Mawson :)
DJ Bass 12 years ago
Nice one all the winners especially my contacts Velvetair and David Roberts.
Trevor Hare Posted 12 years ago. Edited by Trevor Hare (member) 12 years ago
Featured on the today programme on BBC radio 4 this morning.....
♔ Georgie R 12 years ago
It must've been a hard job to choose these and really one could make a completely different but still excellent set of forty photos.

And specially well done to cu-cum-ber with TWO photos in the final forty.
BennehBoy Posted 12 years ago. Edited by BennehBoy (member) 12 years ago
@Trevor, the beeb have omitted 3 of the winning photos, mine included :/ Dunno why.

Thanks everyone who has shown us support, and a huge congratulations to the others selected - there're some stunning photos in the final 40.

PS, I'm absolutely thrilled to be amongst the winners - I hope the above doesn't seem like whining, it just rather surprised me.
chocolategirl64 12 years ago
Hmm yeah I was thinking exactly the same. Amazing to get two photos in the final when you only have four on your flickr page. Sour grapes? Nah ~ life's too short.
I love 'Brighton' ~ it epitomises Seaside culture.

Well done everyone some amazing images and putting it out there for all to enjoy.
Lucia Fernandez Posted 12 years ago. Edited by Lucia Fernandez (member) 12 years ago
congratulations to the winners!!!

it had to be a tough job for the jury...
anyway, excellent selection and excellent photos.
knautia Posted 12 years ago. Edited by knautia (member) 12 years ago
congratulations to all, especially especially to the lovely Monkey Magic!
virgorama 12 years ago
Anna M White also has 2 in the final selection.. her Grandma portrait is one of my top favourites in all categories.
fotoflippr 12 years ago
Well done guys - really great shots in the final selection
Dan Sumption 12 years ago
Congratulations to all the winners, especially... all the winners.
BennehBoy 12 years ago
There's a writeup in todays Guardian (G2 section), I'll be buying a few copies this lunchtime :D
squishband Posted 12 years ago. Edited by squishband (member) 12 years ago
I'm pleased for everyone, but why on earth did there have to be winners?
Orhan Tsolak Posted 12 years ago. Edited by Orhan Tsolak (member) 12 years ago
Well done everybody, and congratulations to all that have been selected.

("selected,somehow sounds better for me than "winners", as "winners"denoted "loosers" as well, and photography is not a sporting championship)

I am definitely buying a copy of the Guardian today. And thanks to Tate once again for organising this. More of its kind please!
Dogtired aka 12 years ago
Well done to the 40 finalists and thanks to Tate for running the exhibition, it's been fun.
NIce selection, well done folks.
squirrelmonkey 12 years ago
hooray! marvellous! well done to everyone involved.
till's Posted 12 years ago. Edited by till's (member) 12 years ago
Well done to all who contributed ;-)
murburger01 12 years ago
good work!
medical scale [deleted] Posted 12 years ago. Edited by medical scale (member) 12 years ago
Well done to all those "selected".
This has been a great way to get so many people involved.
Very well done Tate for taking a risk and using flickr.

I have just been out to get the Guardian to read the article in the G2 section about this exhibition.

Even though four full pages have been given to printing some of the pictures. They have not attempted to tell the story about the use of flickr.

I hope they are planning to write a proper article about the exhibition as this is really rather disappointing coverage. We all deserve better than this.

I would not recommend going out and spending 70p on such half hearted journalism.
Sue Langford Posted 12 years ago. Edited by Sue Langford (member) 12 years ago
fab pics in the final forty - even tho some of the documentary look more like portraits to me (eg: three big men and teens) but really lovely photos all the same, as are many many many of the (how many?) thousands submitted!

thanks to all involved for taking a punt and organising what has been - for me - quite an exciting project, and has got me into a couple of other flickr groups too.

oh, and a really big well done to all those selected (i like "selected" better too!) :-)
heyoka Posted 12 years ago. Edited by heyoka (member) 12 years ago

(those of you who have your photos featured in the Guardian's website, though, might want to tell them they are not "public domain")
travelight 12 years ago
Thanks to the Tate and to Flickr, for providing the opportunity and the means for people to have their work showcased to the non-Flickr community. I went to the exhibition and seeing images from people I've come across on flickr pop up on the screens was very cool.
billowy teaching [deleted] 12 years ago
Congratulations to everyone who was selected. I must admit to being absolutely gobsmacked that I was one of them. Unfortunately I can't get to London to see the exhibition but I got a real buzz out of seeing it on the Tate website.
louisianablue2000 12 years ago
Grewlike - the Today programme discussed the exhibition this morning for about 10 minutes and didn't mention flickr either. I wonder why?

Well done to the forty winners.
so cu_cum_ber has posted a grand total of four photos to flickr and has two of them chosen in this exercise. I guess that is quality over quantity.....

It would be nice if the judges made some comments on the photos they have chosen to given some background on why they made their particular choices
oh well done to all too......
good stuff
Dan Sumption 12 years ago
The curator on the Today programme did mention "photo sharing websites" though.

Me, I prefer the word "winners" to "selected" or anything else. Makes me feel more like a loser.
Moxette 12 years ago
Congratulations, everyone!
∗gone 12 years ago
congrats all
Feathering the Nest 12 years ago
Congratulations everyone.
David Axelbank Posted 12 years ago. Edited by David Axelbank (member) 12 years ago
A big congratulations to the selected Flickr'ers! Its a very big deal to be selected by the assembled judging panel, and you should all feel very proud of your accomplishment!

Keep posting away!

To the judges, the Tate, and Flickr - thank you so much for what has probably been a technical and logistical nightmare and all-around maddening process!

To quote none other than myself, "the beginning room and the Flickr wall are great bookends to the exhibition. They show the evolution of photography, and in a way that contrasts the modernity and democratizing nature of photography in our everyday lives, against the beautiful but archaic craft of those amazing early photographers."
BennehBoy 12 years ago
My entry is in the Times T2 section as image of the day today! My head is spinning! Thank you Tate!
David Solomons 12 years ago
Well done everyone who got their shots selected.
reflecta Posted 12 years ago. Edited by reflecta (member) 12 years ago
Well done judges on making what must have been an agonising selection, so many extraordinary images to choose from.
I applaud the unflinching honesty and compassion of many of the images that have been selected, as well as their beauty. The ordinary as extraordinary. Though clearly not exhaustive (what a project THAT would be...!) most are truthful visions of our place and people.
One reservation - what's with all the caravans?
richard thomson Posted 12 years ago. Edited by richard thomson (member) 12 years ago
A great idea and an excellent wide-ranging series of photos chosen. User-generated content has worked!
I'd like to make one point: this part of the exhibition (I haven't been to it so don't know what else is there) doesn't reflect multicultural Britain and the wonderful things it has brought about, not least in the area of festivals, my own particular interest. This is probably our fault for not submitting them. I was wrong not to. Britain doesn't have a long tradition of overwhelming cultural street/town/city/village festivals like Japan or Spain. But look at what festivals multicultural London now delivers (and thank you Mr Livingstone): last weekend was the adorable Carnaval del Pueblo; the London Mela is on 12 August; the massive, packed and exhaustingly loud Notting Hill Carnival is at the end of the month; India takes over Regent Street on 2 September ... The world has come to Britain. It is how we are now and it's not in How We Are Now. You can't encompass everything you need to in 40 photos. It's unlikely but - any chance of another one, Tate Gallery? So it can be done bigger and better.
medical scale [deleted] Posted 12 years ago. Edited by medical scale (member) 12 years ago
Tom Sutcliffe in The Independent today has written an interesting article about the choices made for the final 40 photographs.

I think he makes a number of valid points...
travelight 12 years ago
In reference to that article;
I'm not entirely sure how the contemporary photographic aesthetic is not a part of 'how we are now'. A photograph is always about how the photographer sees the world, and after all - we are all photographing now ;)

It's a pity in my opinion, that the reviewer didn't extend his view into the contemporary section of the 'How We Are' exhibition. I suspect he would have reached similar conclusions with a few notable exceptions.
Jon Southcoasting 12 years ago
An impossible task. This seems like a random 40, and there could have quiet easily been anotehr few "top 40"winners! All great photos mind you,
ososment 12 years ago
At least Tom Sutcliffe didn't go into the whole is photography really art thing!

Ah bollocks, it doesn't matter what anyone else thinks of the photo's chosen, for the people that won it is absolutely brilliant!

Once more, well done you winners!
lxsocon 12 years ago
@mixatal I think I would have to concur with you.

Never in a million years did I think the selection would be a smorgasbord of archetypal flickr eye-candy, but to look at the selection you'd think the exhibition had been entitled "C'mon kids go out and shoot the most banal things you can find".

If this was truly a reflection of how Britain is now, then how come I haven't topped myself (of most of the other submitters for that matter) by now? ;-).
billowy teaching [deleted] Posted 12 years ago. Edited by billowy teaching (member) 12 years ago
@mixatal - give me your address. I'd love to photograph you and your Joey ;o)
thisisp 12 years ago
I pretty much agree with mixatal, esp. in regards to the fact that all the people featured are white (I'm not being p.c freak, it just seems odd for a country so famous for cultural diversity, and I'm saying this in terms of the brief)... I found the last room (todays crop) in the show slightly disappointing after the other post-war rooms... perhaps it illustrated how overwhelming the noise of the 21st century and it's predecessor is on creative practitioners, photographers or otherwise. Some of the most interesting stuff from the other rooms was the WWII plastic surgery portraits, the Keith Arnatt rubbish-tip photos, Harry Jacobs studio work, and the 70's/80's documentary photography that was seriously politically engaged. (It is great that photography can include so many different strands of origination, i.e commercial, fine art, social records etc, but sometimes it takes the passing of time for some of these originations to be considered valid or interesting) I think that there are some great photos here, but overall would have liked to see more fresh perspectives on How We Are Now. Saying all this, I think "Jackie" ticks all the boxes!
adewale_oshineye 12 years ago
Re: Sutcliffe's article.
I think he misses a bigger point. The 'we' in the title of this exhibition is a particularly narrow term that encompasses only the world and the world-view of the judges. I suppose this is their prerogative but when I look at the 'selected' photos I don't recognize my country.

With the exception of "davepuking" these photos seem to reflect a different United Kingdom to the one I live in. The UK featured in these photos is culturally homogeneous, mono-ethnic and less conflicted than my country has been in decades. Or at least that's how it seems to those of us who live in east London. I suppose, given the continuing popularity of Eastenders, I should be used to seeing bowdlerised reflections of my world being promoted by the culture industry.

I think it would be interesting to see a selection chosen by a wider group of the British people. I think we might learn a lot more about how 'we' are now by comparing that selection to those chosen by our judges.

I think that many of the photos that were chosen are truly amazing.
graeme fraser 12 years ago
Congrats to all 40. Some excellent photos in here and plenty more debate I'm sure.

Personally I'm dead chuffed to be included. My first proper recognition for my photography so its a huge confidence boost. It's been in the Telegraph, yesterday and it was mentioned in an article in yesterdays Independent as well as being featured on the The Guardian Website.

Happy as Barry

virgorama 12 years ago
It concerns me slightly that 'Jackie's' name is mispelled and is actually spelled 'Jackiey'. Could seem like a small point, but having been an avid Celeb BB watcher, the spelling defines the woman and would enhance the photo, in my opinion.
Jing Photography 12 years ago
Your photo got to be really good to stand out from over 7000 candidates - in a split of second - without the context.
To answer adewale_oshineye - a bit cheeky on this - I would self-promote my pics hit the punch line of 'how we are now' regarding politics, economy (as reflect in landscape), British Spirit (portrait) etc.
thisisp 12 years ago
Good point virgorama! - I, if not Tate Britain, stand corrected. Yours, thisispiey.
lxsocon 12 years ago
Hmmm... my earlier point was not very well worded - I think the final 40 are great, don't get me wrong, but I think there could have been a bit more light and shade in the selection - the tone struck is a bit similar. For an exhibition that was touted as being open to the public (and not exclusively to artistic professionals) I don't think the selection captures how Britain is today or the kinds of photos people take.

However, what I'm really wondering is what Stuart Haden makes of all this ;-).
Eric Hands 12 years ago
Yes, it's all been a bit quiet on the SH front so far....
Strange but refreshing it was to find that I enjoyed the images more on the newsprint page than I did on the computer screen.
I agree with some of the observations made - it was very much what I would call a 'British Journal of Photography' selection and a million miles from what I imagine any government quango might select as being representative of life in Britain. But I'm sure we knew that before we entered and are probably all kicking ourselves for not thinking out of the box when making our selections. Having said that, there are some great shots there and they will be a welcome addition to the project.
Paul Russell99 12 years ago
Nice to see a couple of familiar names in the winners.

"You've all done very well", as Young Mr Grace used to say.
graeme fraser 12 years ago
@ Ixoscan: Whilst I am inclined to agree, and I am one of the 40, the method with which this has been approached, you are never going to get a full representation the public and its take on photographer. Firstly, its only ltd to users of Flickr. Secondly, whilst flickr covers a broad range of photo passions, including an alarming growth in porn, the fact that it was pitched to some degree as a competition, you are going to put a huge number of users of, especially when it based on British culture and the photo had to be taken in the UK.

The final 40 was always going to cause debate, but then again isn't that what we are trying to reflect, to some degree, through our hobby/profession?
Yolise 12 years ago
you are going to put a huge number of users of

Of what? Put them where?

The selection reflects the tastes of the curators, which isn't surprising, really.
graeme fraser 12 years ago
entering a 'competition'
Yolise 12 years ago
Right. To be honest, though, the only thing that would do is filter out the people that don't enter competitions and/or do not have some confidence in their ability as photographers.

Nevertheless, I do think that the style of photography chosen is very particular and not necessarily representative of the range of images in the pool, but like I said, it's not too surprising since there were relatively few judges.
spooky tendency [deleted] 12 years ago
...well done to all those selected.
Better luck next time for the rest of us - including me : )
lxsocon Posted 12 years ago. Edited by lxsocon (member) 12 years ago

Much to my amazement, Stuart Haden got in contact with me directly by pasting his view on this thread as a comment on my latest photo! (He's lost his credentials to his existing account, so is currently 'Stuart Haden2007' and was unable to re-join the 'How We Are Now' group.). He said that I could copy & paste it and this is what he had to say.

I read that you were interested in what I had to say about all that discussion and the winning selection as chosen by the jury on the "How we are now pool".

Not a lot, I have to say. I found the choice depressing, boring, pedestrian, unimaginative, illustrative at best and containing very little innovative, inspiring, artistic or memorable images with a very few exceptions. I am not concerned.

Friend of mine has just pointed out that the selection is supposed to represent the amateur photographer's response. He said they probably saw the better photographs, realised they were not representative of amateurs, and dismissed them.

My definition of professional is not "those who make a living from their work " but "one who is wholly immersed, informed, passionate, dedicated, well read on the history of the medium, aware of the practicing recognised masters and attempting to find a development of the genre as a new development in their own work whatever that might be."

Of course, the jury selection is subjective and political. I am not worried. It would really disturb me and my photographer friends and artist friends if the jury really believed their selection was the best offering in the pool. If you look at the people's choice as voted by the contributors's comments and their pick of favourites you will get a completely different picture and a much more exciting and vibrant selection and, I believe, a better cross section of society and what is going on in photography.

I am a non entity, an unknown, an amateur in the true sense of loving the medium and a professional by my definition as already defined.
I do not make money from my photography.

I was glad to discover David Gopsill's photographs who is, for my money, the best photographer on this website. Have a look at his website! Then there was snapattack's, Rebecca Key's, amjamjazz and a GCSE student ..... all inspiring, very pertinent and engaging, very skillful and informed. To me they were far more memorable, powerful, richer, simpler, more profound, witty, surprising and more artful than the majority of the mediocrity that the jury voted for. As other photographer friends of mine have pointed out, "my first year students could do better" and "if this is the current selection by an eminent jury what hope is there for the progress and state British photography?". The point the jury is making surely is this: We think this is the current state of the public's view of photography and we think this is representative of the public. No problem with that. I think the photographs I selected were far more interesting and exciting and shows there is indeed a very rich seam that lies undiscovered, under rated and unseen by most viewers and most juries.

Lastly, I would prefer to see a jury of recognised practicing photographers headed up by Don Mc Cullin, arguably our greatest living photographer with say Heather Angel or Jan Groover, Mario Testino and Charlie Waite to pick the best in the documentary, still life, portrait and landscape categories.
knautia 12 years ago
hmmm, I do wonder if all the people who have gripes about the selection of the final 40 would still feel the same if 39 of them were the same, but 1 was of *their* photo ;-)
adewale_oshineye 12 years ago
I'd feel the same even if they'd picked my shots.
In fact I'd probably feel better if they'd merely sorted the pool by "interestingness"

Compare the judge's selections to these:
still life:

I imagine that the flickr team could tidy up those queries a little e.g restricting only to those tags, eliminating duplicates and images that aren't photos, etc. Now imagine how different the results of this contest would have been had we merely chosen the top 10 from each of those queries?
medical scale [deleted] Posted 12 years ago. Edited by medical scale (member) 12 years ago
Oh no!
Are we now going to have one of those endless discussions about

What is Interestingness?

btw great to see algo is at the top of the list for landscape - a great guy :)
Monkey Magic Posted 12 years ago. Edited by Monkey Magic (member) 12 years ago
Do me a favour. That's a ridiculous way of choosing. This contest had nothing to do with interestingness, which is a mathematical way of choosing pictures. I hope that you spend more time looking at wonderful stuff out there on Flickr away from the skewed Interesting stats.

The How We Are Now selection is a curated view of five people, respected in the photography and art field for their work. This is their selection of how they see Britain today.

The more I look at the selection, the more fascinating I find it. From the traditional view of the fabulous Lake District landscape, blighted by tyres, to a suburban driveway, both shots a pretty accurate view of Britain today. We've got someone's icon for their Facebook or MySpace account and a snapshot of yet another boring reality TV show, trying to show us "the beautiful people" but really showing us a single mum from a council estate - another great representation of how we are now and how we use digital photography. The views of British holidays - caravan parks, cups of tea, old battered suitcases & comfortable shoes - for anyone who ever goes to the British seaside, that's pretty much what you'll find. In the photo of mine that was selected, there's traditional British craftsmanship being replaced by lowest price bargain mass retailers.

All in all, in is a curators' selection, 5 peope's views. And the more I look at the selection, the more there is to see. I wish people would stop being so British and negative! We should be rejoicing in the fact that we have a great art institution and they have committed to do this fascinating project, putting London ahead of all those other pretenders to the art crown, New York, Paris blah blah blah, and thanks to the Tate for giving us the opportunity for displaying our work and for generating an interesting discussion.
velvetair 12 years ago
hear hear,Magic Monkey.
graeme fraser 12 years ago
@ Ixscocon: Stuart Haden rides a very high horse doesn't he!

I've never heard of Stuart Haden, which judging by his comments would probably imply I aint passionate or professional enough about my photography.

These arguments aren't exclusive are they? Its the same with the booker prize or the turner prize but its at a much less recognised level and of course being British, we feel we can look down on lesser talents, rather than just saying well done, good job! Where the hell is the encouragement? As an amateur, and a very skilled photographer, I would have hoped that Stuart Haden would send words of encourgement rather denouncing the future of British photography.

Personally, I consider myself very lucky to have been selected.
thisisp 12 years ago
I agree with Monkey Magic that the more you look at some of the pictures, the more you can get back, which is hopefully what all good work will do ... To point out the obvious, ultimately all surveys and competitions etc will only offer a view that covers a certain range, not only because of the selectors and the institution behind them, but also because of who knew about it or could enter. This in itself is interesting when regarding how culture is formed, so even if I hated every picture in the selection (i don't!) I would still find something of worth. In regards to knautia's point, I think that it's kind of silly to say that just because a few people in this discussion have raised some questions about the selection it implies they are jealous, or that being included would have skewed the integrity of their opinion - The debate is healthy, and has personally made me look even harder at the work! Obviously "winning" is an accolade and will benefit the individual, but I think that the best thing about this project is the fact that it is on the "democratic" internet, and that the How We Are pool exists in it's entirety (again the range has limits, but obviously expands a little further!) for future interest, just as, say, does the work of Mass Observers from the 1930s onwards.
lxsocon 12 years ago
@ackermilk: Stuart Haden is someone who has posted a number of interesting posts on various 'How We Are Now' discussion threads over the last few months. He undoubtedly rubbed some people up the wrong way to begin with, but won kudos and respect amongst certain group members when he revealed that he had known and worked with the great Garry Winogrand (which I stress excludes me; I am but a simple taker of snaps and had never heard of him before!). I have to confess I don't know much about him myself, but I guess his web-site is a good place to find out more I personally always found what he had to say thoughtful and interesting.

(Incidentally, you've managed to mis-spell my flickr moniker twice, which is admittedly merely a contraction of my real name, but I guess that is in keeping with the spirit of your (rather good) winning photo ;-) ).
reflecta 12 years ago
Like your comment Monkey Magic and if that's your pic of Glasgow, it's fab. I thought sights like that were a thing of the past. I think as you say, this is 5 people's selection faced with a nigh impossible task. I'd have loved Lemon2's Untitled (Stay Thin) to have got in but I'm not angry about it. I guess also that this whole exercise has allowed us all to view an amazingly inventive and eclectic range of superb photographs. Viva Tate for doing it. Visibility is what counts. Okay these shots were maybe all on Flickr anyway but this comp. has focussed things and alerted more folk to view them.
shauna dennison 12 years ago
Well done to all contributors ('winners' and 'losers' ) for making this a truly vibrant and exciting project. Not only is it great to see some outstanding photography, but it's also fantastic to be part of and witness to, some very thought-provoking and intelligent discussions.
I have learnt a lot (I also had never heard of Winogrand!) and been very inspired by everything here and can only say I am now looking forward to the next one...please Tate?!
Btw I agree with most of what Monkey Magic had to say, apart from his comments on British holidays........aren't 'we' all queueing up for cheap Ryanair flights these days?
. Az 12 years ago
a great set of images, and congrats to all. I would have loved to be in the final group but....Hey Ho!
stephenmurphy 12 years ago
Can anybody tell me if the Final 40 are displayed on screens at the Tate or are they being hung as prints? Thanks in advance.
graeme fraser 12 years ago
Displayed on screens
stephenmurphy 12 years ago
Thanks ackermilk. Sorry to hear the screen for documentary was broken. We almost went today, too. Glad we decided against it!
Bee Brady ♥ 12 years ago
Congratulations to the winners. Those pictures are stunning. Weird that there are 3 pictures of caravans in there.... :) Special congratulations to Miss Aniela, an up and coming photography star.
lxsocon 12 years ago
@bradyguido - Yes, the 'caravans' thing was picked up in Tom Sutcliffe's Article in the Independent [cited above] (and one of the things I was indirectly referring to with my earlier post about 'blandness' ;-) ).
Eric Hands 12 years ago
I enjoyed Tom Sutcliffe's observations.
shwe 12 years ago
so did I, and I think I largely agree.
toomuchroom 12 years ago
Just got back from seeing the exhibition...from what I saw it is fascinating, unfortunately I didn't get to see it all as I had to leave to meet some friends, but will definitely be going back to have a look at the rest!

I also got a little buzz when my photo appeared on the screen!

Was absolutely chuffed that my photo was chosen. Well done to everyone else who also got selected also!
BennehBoy 12 years ago
Documentary screen was broken when I visited - the Tate Britain staff were superb though, took my phone number and called me when they'd fixed the problem, and gave me some comps. Unfortunately I couldn't make it back to see the fixed screen.
lxsocon 12 years ago
I'd originally imagined that the final 40 would be turned into prints and hung in the gallery. However, I went to the exhibition yesterday (all the screens were working incidentally - I think they'd heard I was coming ;-) ). Clearly there are plasma screens and there are plasma screens; the photos did look jolly good it has to be said :-).
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