nicwn PRO 4:51pm, 21 October 2008
This Saturday, 2 - 3:30 is the main event.

New Flickr schwags are here (by cloneofsnake)

Since I've gotten the new T-Shirts + other schwags from Emily, I thought what a great chance to give them out & we can go on a little photostroll!

One area I discovered that is quite cool is Ma Tau Kok (or To Kwa Wan 土瓜灣):

I don't know much about the history of that neighbourhood, but I have a feeling that it must've been quite shady back in the days... check out a pretty cool panoramic shot below:

Ma Tau Kok Cattle Depot (by choyin)
Lee, Simon 8 years ago
That's good, Count me in :)

I've just confirm I would be free on Saturday in this morning :)
robferblue PRO 8 years ago
hiya, im interested to come .and meet other photographers....... it mentions exhibition from flickr hk groups....which are those? and how do we meet up? cheers,
we seriously need a "hk flickr group" banner!!!! haha!!!
Lee, Simon 8 years ago
hk flickr group banner? I think we have to decide it tonight and get someone to make it tonight. It takes 1-2 day to make
nicwn PRO 8 years ago
Simon, hmm... I think I'll probably have lunch in Kowloon City and then go to the CC thing at 2pm. Then go on a photostroll afterwards. I suppose we can meet up around lunch & hang out till 2.

Rob, got your email, not sure what u mean by exhibition, but we are just a bunch of people who love photography & flickr. This Saturday, some of us will be going to the HK Creative Commons launch event, if u wanna meet up with other photo lovers, u're welcome to join us. Lunch in Kowloon City?

Laihiu, u r the #1 Flickr fan!! We're counting on you for the banner!!! LOL... j/k, I wish we have a banner, but if not, I still have those Flickr beach balls.
actually the CC party runs through 12pm - 6pm!

detailed programme:

more info here:
Phey Palma 8 years ago
clone of snake... Count me in for the stroll & schwag.. I live in hunghom so i might be able to join u guys on 2-3:30
nicwn PRO 8 years ago
Right people! The event actually runs from 12 noon to 6! So feel free to head on over there early for some cool music and stuff... I'm just saying 2 - 3:30 b'coz that's the main event where Prof. Lessig & Ito-san will speak. (name?)

Cool Phey! I'll be wearing the navy blue flickr tee and playing with a couple of flickr beach balls... u can't miss me.

If anyone interested in having lunch together, let me know... I have 2 recommendations:

樂園 Lok Yuen

nicwn PRO 8 years ago
I'll be having lunch at Lok Yuen and then head over to the event. Give me a call if u need to find me - 6603-6127.

nicwn PRO 8 years ago
Saw Simon and Ryanne (laihiu) there, did anyone else go?

SnowBlind - cables and shadows (by cloneofsnake)
jaaron 8 years ago
I was there. Posted some shots of the Lessig talks.
Pirx the Pilot 8 years ago
hi guys, i was there too! great event, if i may say so, and great music from snoblind.

too bad i only stumbled upon this thread just now. me and my friend were lusting over those flickr shirts, but were quite shy to ask how to get them.
mancjew 8 years ago
I was there too. haven't been hanging out here for ages..
Any meetups coming up?
flickr tee!!!! my second one :D

got mine ;)
sallyHK 8 years ago
sorry, daugher came in from uk.....but love to catch up some other time...and
one of
those T shirts...
sallyHK 8 years ago
ooops, just realised i am using my wifes i "look"a bit different (robferblue)
tonsoflove 8 years ago
hi all,

any other schedule for photo shoot oppurtunity in hongkong ? I will be in HK on November 28 to December 4, 2008 for a vacation..

hopefully we could meet...
hi there
would like to join
this SAT?
Lee, Simon 8 years ago
Any fun on this Sat?
sachinjpradhan 8 years ago
When is this event and can you please let me know.... I would love to join in!!!>..
Mac V. PRO 8 years ago
is saturday, november 8? pls let me know where and when
Jayne Lies [deleted] 8 years ago
did i just miss this? :(
DigitalFreak PRO 8 years ago
love that stitch photo, wonder if it is from autostitch?
hk_traveller 8 years ago
sorry, I missed the event!

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