Elamcelt 6:07pm, 3 March 2013
I always firmly believed in the concept of Honest Opinions, which was why when the call for help in running the group was put out last year, I put myself forward.

However, I have now become convinced that for whatever reason it just doesn't work. And I have no more ideas to try and make it work.

I no longer have the time, the inclination, nor the energy that it takes to put into Honest Opinions, and so am leaving Honest Opinions today.

I've learnt a lot in being involved in this group & that won't be wasted:)

Wish you all well.

It may be there are some of you out there who have fresh ideas and would love to help with HO, well I'm sure the 2 other Mods would love to hear from you:)
Marky Gee 5 years ago
:( = sad face.

You have done superb work and it was much appreciated. Thank you for your drive and determination at making the group work and introducing new ideas. One day we'll crack it. :)
G.D63 5 years ago
Sorry to see that you've left, i would like to thank you for all your help and support that you have shown me,i have a better understanding about what a want shoot, and will miss this within the group. Cheers Grant.
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