Elamcelt 3:38pm, 8 December 2012
Hi everyone,

We've been doing a bit of thinking to see if there is a way to make Honest Opinions genuinely useful for people, and not just another group that you click "Add photo to"
We recognise that people can be reluctant to give CC to anyone's photos for various reasons. (Public, the photo has already had loads of positive comments, don't feel qualified etc etc)

So here's our idea, and we would really like to hear your opinions:)

Obviously the photo pool will still exist, this is Flickr after all! And people are welcome to use it as normal.

What we are proposing is having various specific threads in the discussions for various types of photography. People should feel free to give advice on that particular subject, or things they have tried etc. And post examples. Group members would add their photo to that discussion, in the same way as you currently do the competition. And others comment on it, or give suggestions. In each discussion feel free to ask questions either about how to achieve a particular shot, or why or how someone has done something.

There are a lot of talented people in this group and we would love you to share your knowledge with the rest of us, so if you have a particular interest and can give advice on a particular subject, feel free to start a thread on that.

That way the comments all stay within the group.

One of the threads we would like to see, is where people upload a photo, and others can download to their own computer and work on it with their own software & interpretation. Now we recognise there are issues with this - but it's just for fun, not to pass photos as your own work. When you reupload them, they would need to be kept private within your photostream and just shared with this group.

In the mean time we don't think there is any real interest in having a competition, so we will drop that for now, it can always be restarted later.

Feel free to feedback your suggestions on this.
Elamcelt Posted 5 years ago. Edited by Elamcelt (member) 5 years ago
Apologies to everyone for being a bit AWOL recently, just been distracted with other things, and hardly even taking any photos at all! - but finally setting aside some time to start the changes outline above.

You are still add photos to the public pool of course - but let's see if we can get some feedback and contributions going within the various threads on specific themes.

Feel free to add new themes to the discussions:)

Please also include some explanation with your photo, how you achieved it, any special techniques etc etc.

In each discussion thread, probably best to number your photograph - or name it, so that people can refer to your specific photo.
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