Elamcelt 5:57pm, 5 September 2012
Mark had posted this in the August winner, so I'm just putting it on here so that you can all get snapping!

"Since it's the end of summer and autumn is approaching I thought it would be good to see different interpretations of "Turning a New Leaf". Should be interesting to see different people's views. Good luck everyone."

Everyone can enter up to two images.

Please no archive images.


1. Photo must be taken in September 2012.
2. Max 2 images per person.
3. Exif data must be intact and visible.
4. Please number your images in order, (1st image into competition is #1, 2nd #2, 10th #10 etc).
5. Please post in medium size.
6. The competition will close on September 30th. at 20:00 GMT

After the competition closes we will ask everyone to vote on their favorites. Any member of the group may participate in voting, whether or not you have an entry in the competition.
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