Pete Glogiewicz PRO 7:10pm, 11 July 2012
I’m not sure if I'm the only survivor of the apocalypse, and that I missed it whilst I was in the shower, but this group has become awfully quiet of late. I know not everyone has as much free time as they would like, to partake in the musings and ramblings on Flickr, but I get worried that everyone is thinking posts are that much dross that they’re not worth looking at…”say it aint so Sam…say it aint so!”
So where is everyone?, or am I going to find myself hunting dear in the middle of Lincoln city like Will Smith in “I am Legend”
second-hand income [deleted] 6 years ago
Hi Pete,
Not sure why everyone has gone quite at present, I guess it's like you say ' all to busy', I know I am.
I'll leave it a little longer to see what happens, if there's no change we might need to think about a different format.

d m j 6 years ago

Still here and still interested in what the group has to say. When it says something.

Elamcelt 6 years ago
Sorry Pete I've been out of action for a while, but hopefully I'll have more time again now to give to this great group:)
Pete Glogiewicz PRO 6 years ago
Hiy guys, I know everyone is busy lol. But I was getting a bit lonely ;-)
Sally the Teacher 6 years ago
Still here. Will contribute soon!
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