zany design [deleted] 9:26am, 29 April 2012
Hi Guys

Just wondered if anyone could offer some help. I''m currently working on lighting but not really too sure what is best to use to light my pics and how to go about it. (I usually just use natural light but as I have to take most pics at night I have issues with this and to use flash is leaving big shadows).
I know this is a really wide question but just wanted to get some feedback about what everyone uses as no amount of reading is as good as asking people that are using it all the time.

Thanks in advance

second-hand income [deleted] 6 years ago
Hi Louisa,
Great question with so many answers, but there is a site I found very useful and covers your question nicely.

zany design [deleted] 6 years ago
Thanks Les, I shall have a good read. Yes it was a very open question and I guess we could write pages on the subject but really just wanted a starting point.
Pete Glogiewicz PRO 6 years ago
Louisa if its for your still life stuff (Which you are very good at) you can buy clf energy saving bulbs with a "Daylight" colour temp. A couple of these in standard cheap lamps (I use ones with clamps on to make them more versatile position wise) are very usefull. you can also make some DIY diffusers to soften the shadows if you so wish. But take care not to have them too close to the bulbs, or you will need a fire extinguisher as well and they aint so cheap lol.
zany design [deleted] 6 years ago
Cheers Pete, only just seen your message - I shall take a look at bulbs but shhhh don't tell Dan as I usually switch off when he talks to me about them so don't want him to think I might have a vague interest;-)
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