Marky Gee 4:35am, 8 February 2012
It is with great sadness that I write this post. Unfortunately I must give up my role as an Administrator of this wonderful group for the time being. Fate has finally caught up with me in the eternal chase to evade being captured by the surgeons scalpel. I'm scheduled for Open Heart Surgery at the end of March and will be out of action for a good few months. Therfore I would like to pass the reigns onto someone else to take this group in a direction that they see fit.

Any volunteers?

As for the "great joy" bit in the title, I have been a member of this group for nearly a year now and I am delighted to see how it has grown with new members and the quality of the images being posted to this group nowadays. I have met some wonderful people here and been given some excellent advice which has really helped my photography (i've still got a long way to go yet though!!).

Hopefully the new administrator can reignite the discussions and drive this group forward again. Is that person you?
Elamcelt Posted 6 years ago. Edited by Elamcelt (member) 6 years ago
This group should definitely have at least 2 admins.

Edit: I said everything in the other group Mark, but for those only on here this appeared a little abrupt - but you know what I'm thinking:) And that's what really matters:)
Take care of yourself.
second-hand income [deleted] 6 years ago
May I start off with saying a huge thank you to Marky for his passion and enthusiasm for taking on the group when mine was running on empty.
I am sure the whole group will join me in wishing you well for a speedy recovery, we look forward to your return when you see fit.

In the meantime just let me know what you all decide so that I can pass on the admin rights.

billmac_sco PRO 6 years ago
Wishing you all the best in your operation Marky.
G.D63 6 years ago
As i said Mark all the best mate..Grant
PJD-DigiPic PRO 6 years ago
Wishing you well and a speedy recovery.
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