keithwood999 8:50pm, 1 July 2011
Mark has asked me to provide this month's challenge.
To celebrate the summer and the sunshine this months topic is "Light". Interpret this how you wish but can we have new images rather than reposting old images.

thebarrowboy 7 years ago
177/365 Drum Kit
fawlty128 PRO 7 years ago
Fireworks on the water
keithwood999 7 years ago
Evesham River Festival by keithwood999

Not an overly great picture but it fits the topic.
simonvaux1 PRO 7 years ago
Fish Hill
Muddsmuggler(UK) 7 years ago
"Fork Handles" by Muddsmuggler(UK)

A bit of a stock photo but wanted to try shooting in RAW to get rid of the noise!!!
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