thebarrowboy 8:55am, 31 May 2011
So I've always wanted to run my own project called "Hands" where i take photos of hands of all shapes, sizes and doing all sorts of things. I've never got round to doing it so I thought it might be interesting to see what you all come up with! So this month's challenge is "Hands" Good luck!

Also, as an extra challenge to you all, I want you to actually take the photo with the "Hands" idea in mind, don't just find an old one! I'll try and do the same in the coming days.
thebarrowboy 7 years ago
144/365 Grip

There's mine for today, there may be more to follow
Sally the Teacher 7 years ago
Velvet touch by Sally the Teacher
Sally the Teacher 7 years ago
Never far from her hand. by Sally the Teacher
Sally the Teacher 7 years ago
Open the gate by Sally the Teacher
thebarrowboy 7 years ago
Kebab Fire
Ben_Campbell 7 years ago
thebarrowboy 7 years ago
Good photo's guys! here's another:
151/365 DIY
Marky Gee 7 years ago
Okay, so a slight cheat here. This is an old one. I'm struggling to find time to take any new "hands" shots.
Many Hands
simonvaux1 PRO 7 years ago

Sally the Teacher 7 years ago
Geocaching find! by Sally the Teacher
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