second-hand income [deleted] 7:00pm, 1 January 2011
Hi, and a warm welcome to the group.
The intention of this group is to help improve the quality of our images by other members giving their honest opinions, remember, they are only opinions and are not meant to offend. Also, don't be shy in giving your own opinion's about the images you see in the pool from other members, regardless of your own skill level, in this way we can build a picture from all walks of life to how they see our art.

Many thanks for joining,

IronEagle551 8 years ago
Hi Les, thanks for the invite.

I'm always trying to improve my photo skills and I'm looking forward to some critical input.

I can't post everyday, but I will try to visit often to lend my humble opinions and suggestions.

Muddsmuggler(UK) 8 years ago
Hi Les,

Thanks for the invite. I'm always looking for constructive criticism to make my pictures better.


barbara.elaw PRO 8 years ago
Don't know if I'm brave enough but I do know I want to improve! So I'll post one and stand back an see what happens!
second-hand income [deleted] 8 years ago
Well done Barbara, and a warm welcome.
You don't have to be worried, most of the opinions are quite gentle and meant in goodwill.
Happy shooting :-)
fawlty128 PRO 8 years ago
Just joined this group and looking forward to getting & giving some real comments. I know must folks on flickr are just looking for people to comment on how much they like their photos, and yes, it is nice to hear, but I joined flickr in the hope of actually improving my skills( or lack of ).
Receiving comments like, "nice shot", might help my ego but does not help me grow as a photographer, unless its followed by the reasons you think its a nice shot, and please don't be afraid to tell me if you think my shot is crap, just explain what you think is wrong with it. I will not be offended, especially if you let me know what I could do to improve it. To me that's Free advise that may help me become a better photographer.
Thank you, to all those who are will to help me improve.
second-hand income [deleted] 8 years ago
Welcome aboard fawlty, it's refreshing to hear somebody else share the same views.
Thanks for joining.
keithwood999 8 years ago
This looks like it could be a really useful group. Thank you Tony for the invite.
I have tossed a photo into the arena to see if it survives.

second-hand income [deleted] 8 years ago
Hi Keith, welcome to the group.
Marky Gee 7 years ago
Hi there, I have decided to join this group as I would like honest opinions of my images. I am looking to improve my photography and think that this group could help me do that.

Well done Les, for setting up a group which looks to have genuine, sensible people as members. I look forward to posting images and also critiqueing (is that a word?!) others images too.

Are there any rules I should know about posting?

second-hand income [deleted] Posted 7 years ago. Edited by second-hand income (member) 7 years ago
Welcome to the group Marky,
You can view the rules on the groups main page, nothing serious, just a bit of common sense to avoid offending others.

I see you have already been active, really great to see. Pleased to have you on board.

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