Houston Museum of Natural Science 4:47pm, 7 March 2011
Hey y’all!

I’m very excited to announce that our next Flickr meetup is scheduled for Sunday, April 10 from 6 – 8 p.m. in our new Texas! The Exhibition! During these hours, registered photographers will have access to photograph the exhibit.

In the exhibit, you’ll discover Texas’ rich legacy of perseverance, determination, diverse heritage and unique spirit through the stories of its central events and famous icons. And, of course, take lots of pictures! You can get a sneak peek into the exhibit in the HMNS Flickr set. Artifacts include objects like Davy Crockett's pistol (and violin!); Sam Houston's report from the Battle of San Jacinto (including the phrase "Remember the Alamo") and the "Come and Take It" Cannon.

You must have an active Flickr account to participate, and registration is required for this event. To register, please e-mail with your name and a link to your Flickr account. If you have any questions, please feel free to e-mail me or post a comment here. Registration must be received by 5 p.m. on Friday, April 8.

In the meantime, Think You Know Texas? Take our quiz and see where you stack up against other Texans!

Also, some group members requested that I notify them via email so they are sure to see our announcements of these events right away; if you would like to be included on an email list to receive information about future events, please indicate this on your registration email.

Hope you can make it!

etee 6 years ago
Just sent my email in!
Alter Ego 1975 6 years ago
I am interested as well. Just sent you an email.
photonpunk PRO 6 years ago
Yes please and thank you.
email sent.
Shoot Houston 6 years ago
Yay, signed up.
Mineralblu 6 years ago
Awesome! Just signed us up!
Hotrodguru 6 years ago
Email sent! :)
Looking forward to seeing you guys there!
Alter Ego 1975 5 years ago
Thanks to Erin and all the other organizers! This was my first Flickr Meetup and I vastly enjoyed it!

I uploaded some of tonight's pictures to this set:
etee 5 years ago
Yes, thanks Erin! Also, whoever found the key!

Here is what I think is my favorite shot from my set:

IMG_0228 by etee

And here is the rest of the set:

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