erinblatzer 3:10pm, 3 February 2009
Of course, Wikipedia loves science, too!

HMNS is participating in Wikipedia Loves Art - a world-wide, museum-based, photo scavenger hunt. It's a great excuse to visit your friendly local science museum, it's fun - and best of all, the goal is to create free content used to better illustrate articles across an almost unimaginable range of topics in everyone's favorite online resource - Wikipedia. More details: here and here.

You can shoot any time in the month of February - but we're also hosting a Wikipedia Loves Art meetup on Sunday, Feb. 15 from 6 - 9 p.m. The meetup will include free access to the permanent exhibition halls as well as conservatory and entomology exhibits at the Cockrell Butterfly Center for all registered WLA photographers.

Before coming to the meetup, please be sure to register online . Check in will be at a table in the Grand Hall.

Check out our goal list as well as our photography guidelines and get ready to start shooting!

Hope to see you there!

Questions? Contact or flickrmail erinblatzer[HMNS]
Stephen J Alexander 10 years ago
freakin' cool! I'll try to make it to the meetup.
Jon De La Rosa 10 years ago
Can HMNS employees also participate?
erinblatzer 10 years ago
Yes, employees can participate. If you work for the museum, the prize won't be much of a draw, since you have most of those things already - but I'd encourage everyone to participate, so we can get as many great shots for Wikipedia as possible. Thanks for your interest - hope to see you at the meetup!
healthy motion [deleted] 10 years ago
Really wish I could be there - it sounds like so much fun - can't wait to see everyones photos!
crossmage 10 years ago
I registered team "Paleopaparazzi" and will be there - who else is in?

Feel free to join the team, and let's shoot some history.

Erin, I could really get some great shots if i could get some of the minerals out of those security boxes? For instance, I'd love to reshoot this gold in quartz you have on display without all that security stuff blocking teh light. ;-)

cybertoad 10 years ago
Aw - wish I could go but I have tickets to see Joel McHale at Verizon at that time!! Darn...
erinblatzer 10 years ago
James, so glad you can make it! I'm afraid I don't have clearance to get those Plexi covers removed for the event, especially since the general public will be around...but we do have a HUGE new geode in the gift shop area that isn't enclosed over the top, so there are a few angles that are Plexi-free.
erinblatzer 10 years ago
Also, just posted some Wikipedia Loves Art info on the HMNS blog.
Jon De La Rosa Posted 10 years ago. Edited by Jon De La Rosa (member) 10 years ago
Yes! That HUGE geode from Dino Mummy CSI is awesome. No matter how many times I enter though the employee's entrance it always amazes me!!!

James I would like to join your group, and I will be at the meeting. I get off at that time, see you there.

Stephaniedancer 10 years ago
This meetup was great!!! Thanks for such a neat experience...
txfireguy 10 years ago
I will second what Stephanie said and thanks for arranging everything Erin.
erinblatzer 10 years ago
It was my pleasure - it was wonderful to see everyone! Thank you all for coming -and for sharing your photos from the event!
etee 10 years ago
Erin - I also certainly enjoyed it a lot. I would love to see some more events of this type at the Museum, whether for Wikipedia or for other purposes. I think there's a whole lot we could do together to help educate people - both about the Museum, as well as about science itself. Somehow, I think that photography could be used to help interest the next generation in scientific subjects (I know that, as well as ham radio, were some of the things that drove me when I was growing up.)
erinblatzer 10 years ago
etee, I totally agree! If anyone has any specific ideas, I would love to hear them. In general, we are continuing to work out events of this type for the future, and I will definitely keep you guys posted on events as they come up.
andytang20 10 years ago
Hey Erin,

This is Andy Tang, and I am a member of the Wookies!! I was wondering when official results from the competition will be posted. I had a great time!
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