cam phone guy PRO 3:39am, 20 November 2008
I'm one of those who got to both events in an interesting year- and had no plans to be either place!
Obama? What are two charter buses doing parked in the middle of the road on 2nd Street?!? I'm trying to get to the post office before 5:30- and the street is blocked. Oh, that's right, Obama is headed to Eugene. I bet anything he's stopped in Corvallis! Sure enough, but now I'm without a camera. So I called down to my store, Rush Hour Photo and asked if someone could bring me one. Meanwhile, I worked my way to the front of the crowd. Liz brought down a camera and the rest is history.
USC-OSU? I didn't have any tickets or any thought of going to the game BUT then my daughter won tickets! Now, it's my wife's birthday and my daughter decides to GIVE those tickets to my wife and myself. I'm tired that night but decide we have to go since she gave us the tickets- we can always leave early if it's not going well (loyal fan here, right?) I clicked my camera at Beavers up 7-0, then 14-0, then 21-0 and it's half time- are you kidding me!!! And then the final score and a plea to stay off the field. Yea, right!!! What a game!
There you go- one of the few to claim both events and have the pictures to prove it!
Okay, no crowd surfing!
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