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Shaugran ADMIN March 30, 2015
The more candid the better, whether they be in Williamsburg, the Lower East Side, Portland Oregon and Maine, Austin, Asheville, Wicker Park, Silverlake, Capitol Hill, and Lake Street.

Group Description

This group is about sharing pictures of hipsters you've captured while out and about doing their daily business being hipsters.

What is a hipster you ask? According to the Hipster Handbook, a hipster is, "One who possesses tastes, social attitudes, and opinions deemed cool by the cool. (Note: it is no longer recommended that one use the term "cool"; a Hipster would instead say "deck.") The Hipster walks among the masses in daily life but is not a part of them and shuns or reduces to kitsch anything held dear by the mainstream. A Hipster ideally possesses no more than 2% body fat." For more hipster info check out the Urban Dictionary's compilation of hipster definition.

Happy hunting.

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