friendly voyage [deleted] 4:59am, 16 January 2011
One hell of a great party and I can't thank those responsible for it enough. Weeeeeeeee
quinnmorani 7 years ago
I agree! Huge thanks to Hippie for hosting, to Suspiria and Maddy for helping to organize and decorate, and to Lillie and Gypsy for the great entertainment!
friendly voyage [deleted] 7 years ago
Just watched Suspiria's videos and I must admit hearing and seeing “Lillie Hallelujah Superstar “brought a tear to my eyes.
I was there when she sang it but so much was going on I didn't have a chance to really listen. WOW.
Gypsy and the gravel voice was such a pleasure to hear and perfect to the setting. I just loved it. We couldn’t have asked for better entertainment.

Now thanks to the pics and the videos we all have this as a scrapbook to fall back on.

I am basically a bit of a suck but what happened in SL this past weekend, as I have said before and many others feel the same, was beautiful. In three years this is one of the top moments that have made SL what I always thought it could be.

Can’t wait till the group pic. 
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