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steve r watson ADMIN October 2, 2011
Do not give the admins any shit for you getting banned, if you dont follow the rules, then your going to get banned!

Group Description

Just like Hit, Miss or Maybe - but for people who want a comment as well as a vote.

Post a picture - vote on the 3 pictures before yours AND LEAVE A COMMENT - wait 3 pictures before you post again

The rules are exactly the same as HIT,MISS or MAYBE, but you MUST LEAVE COMMENTS with your votes.


** This was voted a ????? from <a href="">Hit, Miss, Maybe, WHY?</a> **

(Where the ????? is, you put either HIT, MISS or MAYBE)

Then leave a comment.


These are links to the ORIGINAL Hit, Miss or Maybe rules. They are exactly the same as Hit,Miss,Maybe,WHY?, but you MUST leave comments here.


Why HiMoM is here:

The reason I have come up with this HIT, MISS or MAYBE, WHY concept is because I found that some score systems are too in depth for people who just want to see if people like their photo's.

I take photo's for fun, and this group is simply to see if people simply like or enjoy the pictures.

We're not all full time photographers, and I for one am probably not going to get deeply involved in photography to the point where I take "Depth of Focus", "Contrasts" and "Compositions" TOO seriously - (Although it is good to pick up tips on how to take a better picture, but maybe not to such a professional level as some of the other groups).

SO, no offence meant to any other groups. HiMoM is meant to run alongside them, not try to take over from them.

These groups are bought to you by L.B and a band of some of the greatest Admin to grace the pages of Flickr! :
The Association of Overrated Gravity
Flickr League of Monty Python Quoters
A Happy Ending
Hit, Miss, Maybe, WHY?
Best Shot Forward
0i! No software

Group Rules


The most important rules are:

1/ Post just ONE photo at a time.

2/ Rate each of the 3 IMMEDIATELY preceding photos hit, miss or maybe (there's a comment string on the front page if you want to use it).

3/ Put a comment saying WHY you gave the rating you did, on each photo as you rate it

4/ Wait until at least 3 other people have posted before posting again.

If you do not follow the rules (and there are other rules, such as not deleting photos or comments from HiMiMaWHY until all activity on them has ceased), you may find yourself removed from the group.

Additional Info

  • Members can post 5 things to the pool each day.
  • Accepted content types: Photos, Images
  • Accepted safety levels: Safe
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