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This is a list of protected areas of Alberta.

Protected areas are manged by the Government of Canada or the Government of Alberta. The provinical government owns 60% of Alberta's landmass but most of this has not been formally protected. The total protected area throughout Alberta including federal and provincial protected areas is approximately 90,000 km² (34,749.2 sq mi).

International recognition

Five of Canada's thirteen World Heritage Sites are located in Alberta: Canadian Rocky Mountain Parks (partly in British Columbia), Dinosaur Provincial Park, Head-Smashed-In Buffalo Jump, Waterton-Glacier International Peace Park (partly in the USA) and Wood Buffalo National Park (partly in the Northwest Territories).

Federally protected areas

Five national parks (Banff , Elk Island, Jasper, Waterton Lakes and Wood Buffalo), managed by Parks Canada are located in the province.

Provincially protected areas

There are several different departments and agencies that deal with land use in Alberta, however Alberta's provincial parks are managed by the Government of Alberta's Tourism, Parks, and Recreation ministry whose mandate is to protect the province's natural landscapes in Alberta. The government has divided these natural areas into seven categories, provincial parks being one. These categories are:

Ecological reserves
Wilderness areas
Wildland provincial parks
Provincial parks
Natural areas
Heritage rangelands
Provincial recreation areas

As of December 2005, the province of Alberta manages 69 provincial parks, 33 wildland provincial parks, 248 provincial recreation areas, 16 ecological reserves, 3 wilderness areas, 149 natural areas and a heritage rangeland. Although these areas are the responsibility of the Alberta government, private companies have been contracted to handle various aspects of the operation of many parks (e.g. maintenance and campground operation).

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