Grinning Soul PRO 7:25pm, 9 January 2012
I would like to use ND Grads with my Sigma 10-20mm Wide Angle lense.

Can anyone advise me on which of these two systems would be best, at present I am leaning towards COKIN Z series as the filters are larger.

I would really appreciate your thoughts and ideas.
photopath PRO Posted 7 years ago. Edited by photopath (member) 7 years ago
I've always just used P series, mostly because the Z series was v. difficult to get, and it worked fine on the 10-20 - but I stopped using the holder a long time ago and just hold the filter against the front of the lens so I can feather it a bit if I need to.
Using the Cokin WA P adaptor (the one with only one slot) there was no sign of any vignetting
Grinning Soul PRO 7 years ago
Photopath thank you for your prompt informative reply. PRO 7 years ago
be aware, cokin is poor quality and they cause a colour cast when you stack them.

If stacking isn't an issue then good luck, have fun.
demondo 7 years ago
i use a sigma 10-20 and recently bought the p series filter system and it can be seen at 10mm but cant be seen 11mm onwards although i've heard that there is a wide angle holder that only holds one filter that can't be seen at 10mm
tomgardner PRO 6 years ago
If you can stretch to Lee filters, they are superb and the extra size (100mm) over the Cokin P series will ensure you don't get vignetting at 10mm, which you will do if you use a standard Cokin holder (I tried it before stumping up for the Lee set).
Yvee SnapShot 6 years ago
I agree with tomgardner. I now use Lee filters with a canon 10-22. There is no vignetting or colour cast. I know the £ is breath taking - but try ebay 2nd hand.
I use the Sigma 10-20mm with the cokin P series wide angle adapter and cokin filters. To be honest I haven't had any problems with colour cast but then I only use grad filters. For long exposures I have a screw in B+W.

TIn hat on here;

The Lee filters are fantastic but I sometimes think folk can be quick to disregard other brands too quickly.

The cokins are cheap, virtually unbreakable and in my opinion,(unless your going for long exposures) are just as good. PRO 6 years ago
Well as someone who has tried both I can assure you the difference is quite quite massive.

This was taken several years ago with a D50 and cokin grads - a couple of ND8s stacked.

Elgol by

Note the purple sky.

I was with a friend at the time using iirc a D2X and Lee filters. His sky accurately reflects the colours at the time.

I have gone for a different (cooler) white balance than Ross but even messing with different WB's can't get me close to the more accurate colouring.

I realise this isn't a scientific test as there are variations in the post processing.
What I can say is there was very little done to either image - they are pretty much as they came out the camera - certainly we can't make his look like mine or mine look like his - at least not in RAW processing.

I really can't see a D50 producing significantly different colouration from a D2X - I'm sure I'd have heard about that - so that leaves the Cokins.
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