Saying hello

Ralphlet 6:41pm, 22 July 2011
Hello everyone! I'm new to the group and wanted to say hello. There are some amazing images in here - I couldn't think how to fave a whole group, so I went for joining it instead. I'm looking forward to following it.

I'm an immigrant from south of the border (another blundering Sassenach, I'm afraid) and based in Fife. I haven't got my own transport, so I don't get to the highlands or islands that often. Watching this group will have to be my substitute!

Fyrish2010 6 years ago
Hi everyone,I am looking forward to joining your group I am a born and bred Highlander and a keen amateur photographer. The images posted on your site are stunning and I look forward to uploading some of my images of the Highlands soon.
This group should have some of the best images on flikr as Scotland has some of the most photogenic landscape. I am on a path to try and photograph it all. Best Wishes
jamieson2014 5 years ago
hello ,want to try photograph scotland before its a wind farm lol ..
howbeg 5 years ago

Indeed, too many of the bloody things going up. Nothing to do with them in my pics more to do with wealthy landowners making a fast buck!
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