Rob.Hudson 10:40am, 11 November 2008
I am the UK admin of a new global resource for landscape photographers,

freephotoguideswales screenshot

I am making an appeal to fellow enthusiasts wherever you are in the UK to help me with the project.

This project is NOT a commercial venture, it's a labour of love that will benefit landscape photographers everywhere.

We have designed and built a collaborative system that allows photographers to share detailed reviews of their favorite landscape shooting locations.

How many of you have scratched your head thinking about a new place to go and photograph, or wanted to research photo locations for your next holiday?

Well scratch your head no more..... now you can just go to and navigate your way to the location you are planning to visit and get all the information you need about some great locations.

I am just launching this project, but we have already started collecting guides for Wales, South West England, Scotland and Northern England will be up and running shortly. Check out the fantastic guides we have already started collecting

Now I need YOUR help. It is time to start taking the project wider. I need to get more people to just contribute a guide to one of their favorite landscape locations.

* It takes about 30 min to write a guide
* You need NO computer skills... If you can use Flickr you have what it takes.

So here's my appeal to all of you out there -

Please please please, help this project to get critical mass by visiting this page that tells you how you can contribute and read the simple step-by-step instructions.

I am also looking for volunteers to set up and run English regional sites and sites for Scotland and Northern Ireland.

I'd love to know what you think of the site and will happily take on board any suggestions.

Email me if anyone has any questions.

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