craven pancake [deleted] 8:55pm, 8 September 2008
I am looking for some advice.
For the last couple of months I have been doing some serious mountain climbing and 3 day treks in to the Cairngorms. Now I have managed to just pack my Nikon D3 and one lens in to my back pack along with all my other camping gear and off load a heap of gear to my travelling companion.

For you serous landscape photographers, how do you manage to carry all your photography equipment plus all your camping gear and all other needed equipment?

Any help would be appreciated as I am going away soon and want to try and capture some great sunset over stunning landscape with most of my equipment.

Thank you
photopath PRO 10 years ago
As a suggestion - swap the D3 for a D700 and save a couple of pounds for no loss in IQ.
My hill kit with a D200 is usually the old 28-80 (because it's light and I don't care if it breaks) and either the 20mm AIS (If I want to stay light) or the 10-20 Sigma. The camera goes into a CCS pack inside the rucksack which can be threaded onto the chest strap when I want the camera available. Lenses either go in a lens case in my bag or into a pocket on my fleece. Lightweight tripod goes in the tool loops of my winter bag or down into the side pocket of my summer bag (what summer??)
Kevin Lelland 10 years ago
I carry a Nikon F80 and the Nikkor 24mm and shoot slide film when on the hills to cut down on weight. The F80 body is about half the weight of my Fuji S5 pro and the prime lens is small, light and very sharp. The tripod is still the main issue though. Manfrotto does a carbon fibre model but it's very expensive.
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