Choosing a DSLR

shuggybhoy PRO 10:56pm, 30 November 2007
Looking for some advice/thoughts on my 1st DSLR, I have narrowed my search down to 3 - Olympus E510 - Canos EOS 400D or the Nikon D80. Sort of leaning towards the Canon but just because of the new lens cleaning system.
photopath PRO 11 years ago
I don't think any of them are really robust enough to take out in Scotland in winter. (presuming that's what you want to do with it)

I've just gone form a D80, which spent most of its time wrapped up in my ruksac to a D200 - which is strong enough and weather proof enough to leave round my neck unless it gets really bad.

I'd suggest something more along D200 / D300 lines or possibly even the Pentax K10D
shuggybhoy PRO 11 years ago
thanks guys, i will look into the d200/300 and the pentax as i didnt really consider them initially. Much appreciated.
Kevin Lelland 11 years ago
I'd agree with photopath that if you're thinking D80 it's really worth considering the D200 or I'd also recommend the Fuji S5 pro. It's the same body as the D200 (and fits the Nikon lens) with a fuji sensor. They've just come down in price a fair bit following the launch of the D300.
geospace PRO 10 years ago
The latest D90 would be worth a look now unless you are in a hurry
photopath PRO 10 years ago
"The latest D90 would be worth a look now unless you are in a hurry "

LOL -- (or did you not spot the post was 9 months old?)

Spencer Bowman 10 years ago
recently bought Sony a700, fantastic camera, also tried Sony a350 which i would also highly recommend the images are crisp and clean, only reason i didnt buy the a350 was because it was a little small for my hands.

but you have to try out anything you are gonna buy, dont be shy, take a memory card down to jessops and play about for an hour !
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