ßlϋeωãvε PRO 7:59pm, 4 October 2007
If you're looking for Scottish landscape inspiration you should have a look at Ian Cameron's work here. He shoots on 35mm and medium format and seems to travel around most of Scotland. I notice he's doing photography workshops now also.

There are so many gorgeous shots in his gallery, across the seasons, which show a mastery of the changeable light (he must be great with that lightmeter seeing as he's working on film!). Check it out.
ScotlandTheScared 11 years ago
I've got one of his pictures on my wall - it looks great :)
UAE_Professional 11 years ago
I me him when i was in Scotland and went him out in 1 day only and really i enjoyed to be with him, he took me to beautiful places there and i really thanks him alot, and hope to visit Scotland again.
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