Tracey Paterson PRO 8:59pm, 20 November 2006
Good one Kenny for starting this pool. Hopefully we'll get the best of Scottish here. Hi to everyone else who is just joining too.
Kenny Muir 12 years ago
I hope you don't mind Taylor, I've put a 2 photo per day cap on it to try and keep shots on the front page for longer but please keep your 3 photos there!
Tracey Paterson PRO 12 years ago
Oop! Sorry didn't spot that...will behave in future..promise!
Kenny Muir 12 years ago
No I changed it after you posted!
TheBackupVault PRO 12 years ago
organic toy [deleted] 12 years ago
Hey folks!
Looby lou 12 years ago
Aye aye
dmcneil PRO 12 years ago
Happy to be here!!!
Mac ind Óg 12 years ago
Hi Kenny, thanks for the invite!
Kenny Muir 12 years ago
Any thoughts on a picture for the logo? It needs to be something that looks good very small. I refuse to use one of mine as that would just be self promotion!
KF 红相机 12 years ago
what ho! that is to say, tinkerty tonk!
mr phillip PRO Posted 12 years ago. Edited by mr phillip (member) 12 years ago
Greetings all. As an icon, I think this shot of Ben Arthur Kern would work well at small sizes :)
Kenny Muir 12 years ago
@ Krasnyi - what?!
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