historical range [deleted] 2:52pm, 15 June 2011
Hi. I'm a Brit currently living in the US and will be visiting the UK in a couple of weeks. I have a couple of days of spare time and would like to find some of the better churches to photograph in Herts whilst I'm there.
Any recommendations are appreciated.
sosij PRO 7 years ago
We have so many, what sort of thing are you after. I live in Hitchin, you want big and architecturally beautiful, like St Albans Abbey, or St Marys of Hitchin, or an old run down ruin??

Flickrmail me.

david.robarts 3 years ago
My personal top ten Herts churches are Anstey, Benington, Buckland, Caldecote, Clothall, Little Munden, Sawbridgeworth, Standon, Stanstead Abbots and Watton atte Stone but Hitchin and St Albans are a must. Much Hadham should be considerd.
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