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The County of Hertfordshire is about 39 miles in length, 27 miles in breadth and has a circuit of about 135 miles.

With a population of just over one million people it is a County of contrast, with bustling towns, rural villages and hamlets all in close proximity to London.

The county is home to the ancient Roman settlement of Verulamium in St. Albans, which was established in AD43.

It reflects a diversity and richness of life that is Hertfordshire.

Everyone is welcome to join and add photos of life around the county.

Just a few rules - Please don't flood the pool with many shots of the same thing. Choose your best photos. All images must have been taken within the county of Hertfordshire.

If you'd like to comment on any photos in here could you paste this in so we can advertise our lovely little group ;0)

Here is a html-link that you can copy and paste when you comment on photos in the group pool:

<i>Seen in <a href="https://www.flickr.com/groups/hertfordshire/"> Hertfordshire</a></i>

Thanks, happy Flickr'ing!


September 2011 - Candy Apple Red
Dream On, On to the Heart of the Sunrise

August 2011 - Richard Pardon Photography
Chase the Sun...

July 2011 - Amy Lloyd
The summer sunset

June 2011 - phillipbonsai
Serval 05

May 2011 - Peter Merry
End of Time

April 2011 mybeans

March 2011 Steve_C
Intruder Alert.

February 2011 Roantrum

January 2011 Dissonancefalling
christmas tree and abbey

December 2010 Woodmanlroc
Nitro Blues Band

November 2010 Candy Apple Red
Sunday Night

October 2010 - Woodmanlroc
Hoddesdon Tower Centre

September 2010 - Candy Apple Red
Under a Blood Red Sky

August 2010 - David Rees Hertfordshire Summertime
Red Poppy

July 2010 - andrewsteeluk
Common Blues

June 2010 - picqero Historic Hertfordshire
Vergers house

May 2010 - andrewsteeluk Spring Landscapes
Along the forest floor

April 2010 - Sikario Water
New River Mist

March 2010 - woodmanlroc Snow
Land Rovers Only

February 2010 - /Duncan Low Light

January 2010 - woodmanlroc Trees
Autumn Misty Morning

December 2009 - Steve C Transport
Jaguar XK150

November 2009 - Woodmanlroc Orange & Red
Turning .... Orange and Red

October 2009 - Steve C Emotions
Mad Chabal

September 2009 Dave Rees Musically inspired
Fields of Gold

August 2009 Amy Lloyd Hot, Hot, Hot
Hot Hot Hot

July 2009 TheLizardQueen Insects and creepy crawlies
Rose Chafer Beetle

June 2009 Amy Lloyd Textur and Detail

May 2009 Christmas Star Activity
Warning to other air traffic?

April 2009 Steve C Just Nutty About Daffs
Just Nutty About Daffs

March 2009 TheLizardQueen Through The Past
Through the past

February 2009 Mark McDonald Man-made

January 2009 Steve_C Contradictions
Common Ragwort (Senecio jacobaea)

December 2008 adetri Early Sunlight
Early Sunlight

November 2008 - Dareb Black & White
Tree In Valley MC

October 2008 - Roantrum Street Life
Station Road Tunnel

September 2008 - TheLizardQueen Inspired By Music
Black Summer Rain

August 2008 - Sikario "Reflections"
Cloud Cover

July 2008 - bluetel Watererway Life
brocket bridges

June 2008 - woodmanlroc "Reclaimed By Nature"
Rust in Peace

May 2008 - black_wolf "Proverbs"
71/365 many hands

April 2008 - Bluetel "Everyday Objects"
Crystal Showers

March 2008 - Joint winners: SteveC & The Lizard Queen

Steve_C "Foodie Hertfordshire"

LQ- "Foodie Hertfordshire"
Summer fruit

February 2008- Adetri "Domestic or farmyard animal"
Horse, Early Morning Light

January 2008 - Steve_C
Cold Storage

December 2007 - Adetri
Edge of Town

November 2007 - Jancyclops
Dark Alley

October 2007 - Adetri
Hemel Shopping Centre

September 2007 - Roantrum
Hertfordshire Harvest 4

August 2007 - TheLizardQueen
Dramatic Saint Leonard's

July 2007 - Sikario

June 2007 - Amy Lloyd
Hot Air - Cutout

May 2007 - Steve C
Colt's-foot (Tussilago farfara)

April 2007 - Amy Lloyd
Cole Green Way

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  • Accepted content types: Photos, Images, Art, Screenshots
  • Accepted safety levels: Safe
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