Scrapper43(Dana) 3:30am, 30 November 2012
What time is the deadline to upload pics to the gallery for the montly contest tonight? I want to upload but I am not sure if I have the times right. I am thinking that it is 4 a.m my time, New Brunswick, Canada.
Any help would be great. Thanks.
quilterlin 4 years ago
Dana, according to this: , it's 11:59 Pacific Time (California), so that should be 4 hours ahead for you, so 3:59 am tomorrow morning.
Scrapper43(Dana) 4 years ago
Thanks so much Lin sweetie. I haven't played in such a long time that I couldn't remember the time for certain. And when I did upload it was long before this late date. Lol. I am here with my stamps and inky supplies out and thought that I would upload some things. Thanks for repsonding. I didn't think that I would get a response really with it being so late and knowing that folks are really busy with the holidays and all. Have a good night. Hugs.
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