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Hannah Nicole F 4:43pm, 12 November 2012
Hey Ladies,
How would you like to join me and my fellow hostesses for a fun filled weekend of 90 minute scrambles?
We will be hosting 90 minute scrambles every 2 hours, for 24 hours straight to give you all a chance to play along and maybe join a few.

Starting on Friday at 6:30 pm CST time and ending on Saturday at 6:30 pm. You will have 30 minute breaks for commenting and resting in between each challenge

Here is our hostesses in the order they/we will be hosting.
Again the times listed are USA CST time so please use this link to convert to your time www.timeanddate.com/worldclock/fixedtime.html?msg=Hero+Ar...

Here is an Updated List of the the Hostesses, the time of each challenge with a link to the results, and a brief description of each one
I'm keeping everything else the same for Future Reference

Hannah 6:30 pm Fri www.flickr.com/groups/heroarts/discuss/72157632025288967/ Challenge Make a card/project using green or a friendship card Search Tag Hannahsscramble

Judy 8:30 pm Fri www.flickr.com/groups/heroarts/discuss/72157632029966720/ Challenge Make a Christmas Thank you Card Search Tag Judysscramble

Rachelle 10:30 pm Fri www.flickr.com/groups/heroarts/discuss/72157632026345479/ Challenge Make a get well card for kids Search Tag Rachellesscramble

Marcy 12:30 am Sat www.flickr.com/groups/heroarts/discuss/72157632026799945/ Challenge Use border punches or dies on your project. Search Tag Marcysscramble

Cecilia 2:30 am Sat www.flickr.com/groups/heroarts/discuss/72157632027255887/ Challenge Make a card sparkle without gold or silver Search Tag Ceciliasscramble

Janet 4:30 am Sat www.flickr.com/groups/heroarts/discuss/72157632031856750/ Challenge Put a Tag on your card Search Tag Janetsscramble

Linda 6:30 am Sat
www.flickr.com/groups/heroarts/discuss/72157632028275189/ Challenge Use the same stamp from focal point as background stamp Search Tag Lindasscramble

Cat 8:30 am Sat www.flickr.com/groups/heroarts/discuss/72157632028931833/ Challenge Make a shaped card, no using white Search Tag Catsscramble

Lucille 10:30 am Sat www.flickr.com/groups/heroarts/discuss/72157632029402839/ Challenge Use an Animal Stamp using a different color Search Tag Lucillesscramble

Karen 12:30 pm Sat www.flickr.com/groups/heroarts/discuss/72157632030518707/ Challenge make a card using only red, cream, and gold Search Tag Karensscramble

Barb 2:30 pm Sat www.flickr.com/groups/heroarts/discuss/72157632031284615/ Challenge Use 3 patterned papers on your project Search Tag Barbsscramble

Janet 2 4:30 pm Sat
www.flickr.com/groups/heroarts/discuss/72157632036208146/ Challenge using the word time in a phrase and clock images Search Tag Janet2sscramble

To see all 226 Cards together Search tag 24hourscramble1

Hero Arts will be giving Digi kits to 12 winners
and we will be tagging all the cards from each challenge with 24hourscramble1. Of course each hostess will remind you when she posts her challenge.
Hope to see you all then!

Just realized I forgot to mention; All winners will flickr mail me their email addresses and I will send the list of the 12 winners together to Tami
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krolski (Kathy) 5 years ago
Yay! I'm hoping I can play in at least one, if not more. Thanks for arranging this Hannah!
dasa.paperplay 5 years ago
I will try to join for more than one :) can't wait :)
can't wait!
CeciliaHsieh PRO 5 years ago
Thanks Hannah for organizing this! Now, I better get going with making some samples!
stamp lover2011 5 years ago
This sounds like sooo much fun!! Hope to join in on a few! Thanks Hannah for all your work! You are awesome!! :)
pajalu (Paula) Posted 5 years ago. Edited by pajalu (Paula) (member) 5 years ago
Woo Hoo to you Hannah. I am going to be able to play along at last. Doing a happy dance
Ava's addiction 5 years ago
Hannah, thank you so much for running with my crazy idea!! Only you could have pulled this off! This is going to be an amazing 24 hours of card making mania!

Work is nonstop but I am going to try to do at least one of these! Thank you so much and to all of the hostesses.
sally_sherfield 5 years ago
I hope I can join in at some point, what a fun thing to do !!!!
marcyk924 5 years ago
PLEASE, all nightowls and peeps across the miles - I'll be up late! So take a nap and enjoy the peace and quiet with me! I'll have virtual goodies to eat while we play!

Thank you Hannah - for taking this on, Ava - for a most brilliant idea, and Tami - for checking our ideas!
Thank you very much for all your work in arranging this fun event, Hannah-Banana! :)

I've got a fun theme all set to go for my scramble - just hoping by that time, everyone's not all scrambled out!
I can't wait! I'm so excited for this fun event.
rrlscrapgal (Andi) 5 years ago
What a FABULOUS idea and great way to crank out some holiday cards!!!!
rcwidow_indy (Linda) 5 years ago
Thank you Hannah and Ava! This is a great idea and thanks to all that made it happen! Hope I have time to play!
jintyoo7(Janet) 5 years ago
Marvelous job, Hannah! Ava, I have my fingers crossed you can participate in one of the events - even just to see your idea come to fruition :)

I would also like to give a Tami a "whoop whoop" too, for screening the hostesses themes for duplicates!
I am looking forward to the challenges.. I might even play along a bit later at night than usual :)

going to play tomorrow to make my samples for the challenge I'm hosting :)

And thank you Hannah and Ava, for the idea and running of this 24 hour challenge :)
What a fun event! Thanks for organizing it, Hannah, and thanks to Tami and Hero Arts too!! I plan to play along in as many as possible.
Hannah Nicole F 5 years ago
I'm overwhelmed with all the thank you's, Wow! I couldn't have done it without Ava's suggestion and the help of you hostesses, you all helped me in so many ways. Thank's to you all!

Ava heres hoping you get a chance to play along! I was thinking we should do these once every few months and maybe on world cardmaking day : )
marcyk924 5 years ago
I agree Hannah - more often would be fun!
CreationsBy(Martha) PRO 5 years ago
Hannah, thank you so much for organizing this FUN scramble!
Ava, thank you for suggesting this.
AND...thank you to all the hostesses.
I'm looking forward to playing along.
Linda van Vliet PRO 5 years ago
Amazing what we can pull off when working together. Even more amazing to think how far away from each other we are. These kind of events make the world a bit brighter. Thanks Hannah for getting the times together (I can't even begin to imagine how confusing it must have been, lol!) Hurray for Ava with the good ideas! Applause for the hostesses!
Thank you, all of you! I feel blessed to be a part of this fantastic event. Maybe we should alert Guiness book of records? (GIGGLE!)
I'll be playing.
marcyk924 5 years ago
Can we tweet, FB and blog about this?
Hannah Nicole F 5 years ago
I don't see why not. I'd post it on my blog but I haven't done anything on it for ages.
ThePurplePlace 5 years ago
This is fantastic and I do hope I will be home part of the day, so I can play along too!

I'm also very excited about the whole idea and would love to help out, if we do this again in the future. I'm sorry I had a conflict for this event!!

It's going to be a BLAST !!
Scrapper43(Dana) Posted 5 years ago. Edited by Scrapper43(Dana) (member) 5 years ago
Gonna try and pop in and hopefully play along Hannah. Your such a sweetheart to do this for our group. We will be going to a Victorian Style Christmas party at a local Pioneer Museum that day but I hope to be back a little after dinner. So I am gonna try my best to play. Thanks again. It will be great to play with my wood stamps again. Hugs.
CeciliaHsieh PRO 5 years ago
This has already been tweeted by Hero Arts yesterday. I've retweeted today.
marcyk924 5 years ago
Cool Cecilia! Thanks!
Cat Craig 5 years ago
Looking forward to it. I have my theme ready. So any of you early birds...see you Saturday. I have an all day crop Friday, but I look forward to hostess-ing and playing along on Saturday.
turleyfamily(Dawn) 5 years ago
For me, the start time is 1.30PM on Saturday.... so I'll be able to play a couple of time during the 24 hrs.... we have a few things to do this weekend... but think I can sneak in some crafting time. Yeah to you Hannah for such a great job organising this. And Ava, see what happens when you ask if something could be done!
CeciliaHsieh PRO 5 years ago
My theme and cards are done! Looking forward to it. DH just asked if we can go to the Nursery to buy some plants in the afternoon... No, darling, can we go in the morning? 'I thought you were hosting at night?' Yes, but it starts at 11:30am and it goes for 24 hours!!
judkajudy PRO 5 years ago
My morning is set aside today to make samples ... looking forward to Scrambling this weekend .... hope you can play with me at 8:30 pm Central time on Friday!! Pajamas ok!!!

Thanks Hannah, for taking an idea and making it happen!!
quilterlin 5 years ago
Well done, Hannah! So well organized, you've thought of everything! I'll be playing as often as I can! And thanks, Ava, for coming up with the idea!
smalltcreations 5 years ago
How much fun!! I'll try to join in for a few challenges as well! :-)
Hannah Nicole F 5 years ago
I know its so exciting! I too am getting ready with my example cards today, while my family is out.
Friday Night is my night to make dinner, so it will probably be the earliest dinner we've had in a while. ; ) I can't wait!
kcscrpbkr (Karen L K) 5 years ago
What a great idea! Thanks to all for doing this!
hilde1978 5 years ago
Hope to play along with a few!
Linda van Vliet PRO 5 years ago
got my example cards ready. can't wait for this event to start. I already tried to work out which scrambles I'll be NOT sleeping, LOL!
Now here is food for thought: Suppose you played in all the scrambles, would your cards show when you were half asleep?
CeciliaHsieh PRO 5 years ago
For me, I'm sleeping through Cat, Lucille and Karen's scramble. Linda, I may stay up for yours.... depending how I feel. I need to be alert the next day as I have a lot of driving to do, so I need my beauty sleep. DH has been pre-warned... getting all my laundry done tonight...
Hannah Nicole F 5 years ago
Just 10 more hours, I got called in to work today, so I will not be here till exactly 6:30, still haven't decided when I'm going to sleep yet, whether I'll stay up late and play, or go to bed early and catch all the morning ones.
We're heading out to dinner tonight so I won't be able to play in your scramble, Hannah. I'm hoping to be home sometime in the middle of Judy's and hoping I can whip up a card!

After that, we'll see how late I'm able to stay awake for some others. Getting excited! :)
Cat Craig 5 years ago
I'll be getting home around midnight tonight, and will be peeking in before bed...I have to be up early for my 6:30 (8:30 Cst) scramble. So excited. Gonna try to play most of them on Saturday. Sorry to miss out on the Friday scrambles, Have fun everyone!
I'm hoping to start with Marcy . . . so exciting.
bettijo (Betty) 5 years ago
i hope to participate in several - sorry barb - have to watch the nebraska-minnesota football during your time tomorrow - friends and i always go to a sports bar - hoping for a nebraska win of course.
CreationsBy(Martha) PRO 5 years ago
I'm looking forward to playing along!
My camera battery is charging.
I'm clearing my work table.

Thank you, Hannah & all the hostesses!

Happy crafting, everyone!
My sample cards are done and uploaded (set to private at the moment). Looking forward to playing tonight and tomorrow.. trying to decide how much sleep I can lose :)
marcyk924 5 years ago
OH YAY Janet!!! Mine is an easy one, since it's late night here! I napped all afternoon, so it will be fun!
ThePurplePlace 5 years ago
Wishing you ALL a ton of fun!! I'll be back sometime tomorrow afternoon and will look forward try playing in some of the Scrambles then!

Special THANK to everyone for doing this so quickly and coming up with such a wonderful event! Extra thanks to Hannah and Ava for the idea and putting it ALL together!!

HAPPY Scrambling!!
CreationsBy(Martha) PRO 5 years ago
Hannah, I am amazed at how quickly you were able to organize and plan this FUN event! You did a MARVELOUS job! Thank you for that!

I was wondering about the tag you suggested we use.
You stated that we should tag our creations as: 24hourscramble1.

Will we add anything else to the tag to distinguish between the 12 scrambles?

-An additional number?
-Perhaps the name of the hostess?
Hannah Nicole F 5 years ago
Hey everyone Just got home from work Phew!

I was tagging them all the same so we could see the end result after 24 hours, and in case we have future ones. What we can do is add another tag with the hostesses name too, Hannahsscramble or something like that.
That works :)
judkajudy PRO 5 years ago
Hannah, I think it's a good idea to use two tags; the first being 24hourscramble1; the second being (thehostessesname)scramble. That way the hostess can sort the entries for her scramble from all the others. what do you think?
Hannah Nicole F 5 years ago
I'm editing it in my new topic!
Question: do you want each hostess to start a new topic when the challenge is on?
judkajudy PRO 5 years ago
I just realized I can't play in any of the Scrambles! We have emptied all our carpeted rooms of furniture in order to have the carpets cleaned this morning. Unfortunately, the cleaners did not show up. So I have a different company coming tomorrow ... my carts with my suppllies are buried where I cannot get to them. But I will be hosting the second Scramble, no problem!!
Hannah Nicole F 5 years ago
Yes Please, thanks for asking Karen
Woo Hoo - I'm all set to start with your Scramble, Hannah! On the idea of an extra tag, we will have a hard time remembering how to search for these - maybe you could update this thread with the additional tag the hostesses pick (maybe put it beside their name/time up top?). Thanks again, Hannah and all the other hostesses - this'll be fun! Sorry in advance - I won't be able to play for all of them.
CreationsBy(Martha) PRO 5 years ago
Thank you, Hannah!
Hannah Nicole F 5 years ago
Good Idea! Thanks Linda
judkajudy PRO 5 years ago
My sweet dh just wheeled my supplies cart into the den!! I can play!
CreationsBy(Martha) PRO 5 years ago
OH, Judy! So glad you will be playing along!
What a sweet dh you have!
Jenifer Ann 5 years ago
Just reading through all this....phew! Much going on! What a wonderful time!!!

How exciting Judy, that you are able to play! Have fun ladies - I'm hoping to join in some time....
Hannah Nicole F 5 years ago
Can't wait to see what you have for us Judy : )
ScrappinBari (Linda W) PRO Posted 5 years ago. Edited by ScrappinBari (Linda W) (member) 5 years ago
Looking forward to the next bit of fun. Done commenting on the first batch of cards and I'm using the "break" to finish my coffee!
LOL just realized I forgot an "s" on Hannah's tag. Got that sorted out. :)
Hi ladies! I have a question, are we doing a special tag for each scramble?
Rachelle, we are doing the hostess's name as part of the second tag of the scramble. For instance, Judy's scramble tags are (24hourscramble1) AND (Judysscramble). My second tag will be Karensscramble..

Just make sure that the second S is in there... I totally forgot with Hannah's and had to re-tag my cards.
Hannah Nicole F Posted 5 years ago. Edited by Hannah Nicole F (member) 5 years ago
Yes and No lol
we are doing 24hourscramble1 for all the challenges and then 1 for each hostess, yours would be "rachellesscramble".
Thanks KAren I guess we were writing at the same time ; )
Hannah Nicole F 5 years ago
Well Marcy I don't think I'm going to make it my eyes are drooping, Can't wait to check it out tomorrow though! I'll probably be away for the next 7 hours at least. See you all tomorrow!
Night, Han! I'm going to try for one more, then I need a nap too. We're doing a 5K fundraiser for the United Way so I have to rest a bit for it.
marcyk924 5 years ago
Hannah - you are AWESOME!!! Thanks for EVERYTHING!! XOXO
I won't be able to make this one, but hope to play tomorrow. Now that the kitties are tired and sleeping, I'm going to try and clean the craft room so I can play tomorrow. Good night all can't wait to see all the creativity while I was sleeping!
marcyk924 5 years ago
Fifteen minutes till we start - WOO HOO!
I'm ready to go again, Marcy! I fell asleep for a little bit - so glad my kitty meowed and woke me up! :)
marcyk924 5 years ago
YAY Barb!
I'm still up and at 'em too, Marcy!
Hannah Nicole F 5 years ago
All the challenges I missed look so fun! Can't wait to join in the remainder! only 5 more to go! this day will be going by fast!
I am awake, and ready to play.
Linda van Vliet PRO 5 years ago
This is so much fun!! btw: I just bought (with my DH approval) an...

IPAD!!!!!! it's lying in front of me, all new a shiny. Already playing wordfeud with my mother, HAHAHA!

now for trying the photo upload thingie that was talked about in the other thread, LOL!
Hannah Nicole F 5 years ago
Next up is Lucille You have 30 minutes before she starts ; )
I just took a look at all the scrambles that went on overnight while I was sleeping. Each theme was so unique and fun, and I am amazed at all the beautiful, creative cards everyone is making! This was such a neat idea - loving it!
Hannah Nicole F Posted 5 years ago. Edited by Hannah Nicole F (member) 5 years ago
How Fun Linda, I don't have an Ipad but I play boggle with my Grandma on hers and I tried to download the flickr app on my phone but it's not compatible with mine
ThePurplePlace 5 years ago
I am so excited to be home and can now start SCRAMBLING!! Looks liek the next one starts in about 20 minutes, so I'm very excited and now will clean off my desk and be READY!!

Looks like YOU all have had LOTS of fun ad I'm thrilled to now play along!!!
marcyk924 5 years ago
I'm up and ready to go!

Barb - I cancelled my hair appointment for you, so I can play!

Thanks to ALL of you who stayed up with me last night!!! I thought I was going to hear crickets chirping, but your cards were AHMAZING!!!

How fun is this!!!!
Hannah Nicole F Posted 5 years ago. Edited by Hannah Nicole F (member) 5 years ago
Wow only 3 more to go I can't Believe it!
Hannah Nicole F 5 years ago
Are you getting ready Karen? I can't wait to see what you have for us!
marcyk924 5 years ago
You must be ready to drop, Hannah! THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!
I am ready to go and host. I hope that everyone will enjoy the challenge I have for them :)
Hannah Nicole F 5 years ago
I have to admit my rib cage is a little sore from leaning over my table and computer so much but other then that I'm all good! Loving every bit, I just wish I could've pulled an all nighter.
marcyk924 5 years ago
I thought you were almost going to Hannah!
ThePurplePlace 5 years ago
I am so happy to finally be home to play!!
Sorry I can't play in the next one, Karen - have to drive my youngest to a job interview. If it goes quickly, I'll try and play along when I get back!
Even if you can't play in the scramble time Barb, you may find that the challenge is inspiring to you, and you play along later :)

That's what I'm planning to do with the 4 scrambles I missed while sleeping :)
Hannah Nicole F 5 years ago
And its 30 Minute break time again!
Hannah Nicole F 5 years ago
BTW I just searched the tag and there is 168 entries so far, Wow!
Hannah, thanks so much for organising this. I played in 8 of the twelve. I just can't stay awake for the last 2. Will come back in the morning to look at all the cards.
kcscrpbkr (Karen L K) 5 years ago
Glad to hear someone is sleeping during the scramble. Good idea to go back and do them after the fact. They are so inspiring.
You did amazingly well Janet. Enjoy some sleep :)

I did draw a winner, the handle is posted on my thread, at the bottom of the first post.

Thanks so much for allowing me to host Hannah, I had a LOT of FUN!

Now off to get ready for scramble 11 :)
I'm all set to go - will upload all the info for scramble #11 in 10 minutes! Hope my computer behaves and lots of you can play along! :)
CreationsBy(Martha) PRO 5 years ago
Barb, I'm here half awake.
Hope your computer works for you.

See you in a few minutes.
marcyk924 5 years ago
I'm here and ready with my iced coffee! :-D
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