judkajudy PRO 9:19pm, 8 April 2012
I just had my first experience with the new photo editing program that is to replace Flickr. While I am grateful a substitute has been provided, I am disappointed!

I don't seem to be able to "fine tune" my cards as much as I could in Picnik. There were more "auto" funcitons in Flickr; there was the ability to "straighten" a card; and there was the ability to improve white when it needed to be improved!

I hope there was a good business reason for doing away with Picnik! I miss it already!

I will try Picasa, but change is difficult!!!

Anyone else have an opinion??
Virginia L. 5 years ago
You are NOT alone, Judy! I didn't like the new Aviary features at all as it has WAY less options. Apparently it was meant to be "easy to use", but it is really BASIC! It's hard to fine tune the light when there are not that many options. I am also disappointed, too! I think I will rely on Picasa from now on as I am more and more used it and the features are more to my liking. I hate to be negative about this new editing feature, but since you brought this up, I had to chime in. Perhaps Aviary will improve in time?
ThePurplePlace 5 years ago
I use Picasa which is very basic, but also very easy to use! The only downside about using Picasa is that there you can ADD anytime of Custom (PNG/JPEG) Watermarks. You can only use the text tool to add text, which is not my preference.

I now use Photoscape (another FREE program) and LOVE it. It has a lot of fun features and with Photoscape I can still use my custom designed watermarks. Here is a link is anyone wants to download it to try out - download.cnet.com/PhotoScape/3000-2192_4-10703122.html

I generally do the basic editing in Picasa and then simply use Photoscape to add in my watermark!
marilynv19 5 years ago
There are pages of comments on Flickr complaining about this replacement of Picnik! Flickr didn't have a choice, as I understand it, as Google took it over. Here are some free Photo editor shops to edit your cards and photo's, "PicMonkey" whick looks a lot like Picnik, and "iPiccy". Haven't tried either of these sites, so don't know what to tell you about them, other than they are suppose to be free.

I don't think anyone on Flickr is too happy with Aviary as a replacement! Like Virginia said maybe they will improve it! I haven't made a card to edit yet, so don't know what to expect. A coupla features I liked on Picnik was the straightening option and I liked the comparision, side by side option, to see what the newly edited card looked like. I don't think Aviary offers these options and of course the "undo" button was great! The "Auto-Fix" was pretty nice too, it really brightened up my cards! Oh well! I will just make do until I see if I can use these other Photo Editing shops.

You're right , Judy! Change is hard to accept!
nancyljk PRO Posted 5 years ago. Edited by nancyljk (member) 5 years ago
Hey, Judy, I just visited PicMonkey. It has all the basic edits and some really neat effects too.
(edited to add)
I just used it to edit a photo and I have to say I like it even better than Picnik....yippee!
bdengler4 (Barb Summers Engler) PRO Posted 5 years ago. Edited by bdengler4 (Barb Summers Engler) (member) 5 years ago
Judy, I agree. I wrote the last comment on this post: www.flickr.com/groups/heroarts/discuss/72157629742750777/...

It talks about how Flickr is getting feedback from people on Aviary. Some of the comments have a "planned" answer to them, so it looks like they are planning to add more options, etc. Let's hope!

Good to know there are other photo editing programs out there too!
marilynv19 Posted 5 years ago. Edited by marilynv19 (member) 5 years ago
Judy, I hope this works, here's a link to PicMonkey, www.picmonkey.com/

Here is a link to www.iPiccy.com/
Lucille K 5 years ago
I have always used Picasa and am very happy with it. Never tried anything else (except Photoshop).
Just had my first experience with Aviary too - not too impressed but at least it's something. I thought Piknik was around until the 19th so was surprised to see Aviary pop up. And I didn't have to register either, it was just there.
ctprezzia (Clare) Posted 5 years ago. Edited by ctprezzia (Clare) (member) 5 years ago
I actually like Aivary better for my non-card photos, but I will definitely miss Picnik when it comes to editing my card photos! Guess I'll have to rely on Picasa now too - I know they've upgraded their editing system, but I'm so used to Picnik so it'll take awhile to adjust.

ETA: Marilyn, you're correct - Flickr didn't have a choice. The only thing I'm happy about with it closing down is that I have access to all the pro options (for a short time) without having to pay anything. ;)
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