AJ Franklin PRO 7:23pm, 19 February 2007
With an amazing breadth of subjects and styles, our photographers in HELLUVA SHOT!! ART GALLERY have turned a very nice profit for themselves in a fun contest! Some of the photos did not allow copy/pasting and I have entered their URL instead.

Here is a summary of the results:


FIRST RUNNER UP WITH $600, Entry #52
Poaka or Pied Stilt
POAKA or Pied Stilt by f0rbe5

beach at sunrise
Beach at Sunrse by jody9

First Honorable Mention with $300, Entry #12
Lake Samish
Lake Samish by rverspirit

Second Honorable Mention with $300, Entry #13
Horned Owl
Horned Owl by MrClean1982

What a bunch of beauties! Let's hear it for our winners! 41 of our 63 entries went home with Helluva Bucks in their pockets. This is the reason Art Galleries satisfy the large appetite we all have for beauty, originality and color in our lives.

Our next contest will be announced shortly. Thank you all for your great participation! Please leave your own comments below.


Alan (AJ)
Åsta PRO 11 years ago
Wow! All awsome pictures. Congratulations to you all, and if I was rich, I'd buy them all :-)
LISA M G 11 years ago
Yay!! Congrats to all winners!! =)
Muslima2006 11 years ago
Congratulations to all.
A good choose.
spiffy bird [deleted] 11 years ago
Congrats to all. These are beautiful pictures.
dashing denzil 11 years ago
Each one of these is magnificent. Such an eye for the artistic beauty portrayed. Congratulations to each worthy winner.
Jeanie's Pics 11 years ago
Congrats everyone, great photos!
BikBik 11 years ago
Congrats to all, great photos.
What a wide variety of art! Each one is fantastic for a different reason! They are all fabulous. Congrats to each of you!!!
every one a winner.
rich66 ~~ 11 years ago
greats shots all around, congratulations everyone!
chatallot 11 years ago
Wow. congratuations to you all. Wonderful photo's.
Ela2007 PRO 11 years ago
beautiful picture! Congratulation.
Alberto Nogueira Jr 11 years ago
wow perfect shots, congrats to all...
Warm congrats to all the winners!
merriewells PRO 11 years ago
A big shout out to all. These were all winners.............S.W.
jay j wilkie 11 years ago
congrates , all these pictures are brilliant . keep up the good work and keep inspiring me to become a better photographer . nice 1 guys ;0)
AJ Franklin PRO 11 years ago
On behalf of our great winners I thank you Jay Wilkie!
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