AJ Franklin PRO 10:56pm, 16 January 2007
Grand Prize Winner!

-- from sakura*aya - (?)

First Runner Up

-- from mhines - (?)

Second Runner Up

-- from piscochile - (?)

First Honorable Mention

-- from Jimages Digital - (?)

Second Honorable Mention

-- from tanakawho - (?)

I think we have seen some of the most amazing "bug" work in Flickr in this contest!

Congratulations to our winners and to all who participated for a fun time with our favorite tool...the camera! I can never expect to get shots of bugs that fine myself, and am always amazed when others are successful with bugs...and maybe a little jealous!
..karen.. 11 years ago
Congratulations eveyone...amazing selection of photos....that spider one still turns my stomach :)
dinali77 11 years ago
Great selection !
Lederman Studio 11 years ago
i fully agree. these images make me feel all kinds of things. they are representations of that really inhuman otherworldly place that bugs live.

great shots from great image makers
KaCey97078 PRO 11 years ago
Congrats to the winners of the Bugs contest... The entries were fantastict. .... I should hope to take such fine pictures one day !!!!
Bec Thomas Photography 11 years ago
Congratz guys!
sakura*aya 11 years ago
Thank you for everybody.
It is moved deeply to choose my photograph very much. I'm sorry that current feelings are not expressible well because it is not good at English as for me.
Larsthrows 11 years ago
Well done... some stunning bug shots... a big congratulations to everyone.


Poet for Life PRO 11 years ago
Congrats, there were really amazing captures in the contest, it was really hard to pick a winner!
stale rose [deleted] 11 years ago
Well done, everyone!
orange letters [deleted] 11 years ago
These were all great! Congrats!
hales. 11 years ago
Congrats everyone! Good work!!!!
Åsta PRO 11 years ago
Congratulations to all the winners. Amazing pictures!
They were all great photos. You were all winners in my book! Congrats to the winners!
Trish Overton PRO 11 years ago
Super shots!!! Congratulations!!!!
dinali77 11 years ago
Congratulatios for all the winners those are fabulous images.
CONGRATULATIONS to all of the winners..they are truly inspiring shots!
Jingle526 11 years ago
Beautiful captures in macro. Awesome photos.
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