AJ Franklin PRO 12:18am, 13 January 2007
Please vote! If you are a member of HELLUVA SHOT!! you have a special opportunity to give critical acceptance to your fellows by voting in our contests. It only takes a second or two and your favorite photo gets the benefit of love and admiration that we all desire as photographers.

This box opens on Saturday morning in the Central USA and mid after noon in the UK. We need a couple of hundred votes...please consider giving your one, no-cost bit for the benefit of the group...VOTE!

VOTING HAS BEGUN...BALLOT BOX OPEN Monday and Tuesday UNTIL 5:59PM CST (2359 GMT) Tuesday to get more votes. .

How to vote:

View the entries in the other thread, Show Us Your Bugs! You may vote on ONE photo. Remember its entry number, come back here and "reply to this topic" with "I vote for entry #??."

If you would like to leave a comment in the box, that would be welcomed! Everyone would like to know why you chose that one shot out of so many great ones in the contest!

Sunday night after the BALLOT BOX closes, votes are counted and the winner is usually announced the same night.

Please vote! And thank you for your participation in the Helluva Shot!! Show Us Your Bugs! contest!
Carla Finley PRO 12 years ago
..karen.. 12 years ago

I did wonder why it was locked, wasn't sure if we were able to start a thread.. :)
mveaches 12 years ago
tanakawho PRO 12 years ago
mikallakim 12 years ago
~Princess Kitteh~ 12 years ago
jlborelli 12 years ago
NatashaP 12 years ago
purring rake [deleted] 12 years ago
I vote for #54
historyanorak PRO 12 years ago
#35 for me!
gh0stdot PRO 12 years ago
i vote for number 25
dbarronoss 12 years ago
clever comparison [deleted] 12 years ago
I vote for # 28
Izobelle 12 years ago
mirellawognum 12 years ago
I vote for entry # 14!
rverspirit 12 years ago
عبير* 12 years ago
And who am i PRO 12 years ago
Spiderpops 12 years ago
Torl Porl 12 years ago
I vote #23
VanMuzi PRO 12 years ago
I vote 36
Scottish Exile PRO 12 years ago
I vote for #51
para-lax 12 years ago
#13, I love the color, the detail in the wings is amazing. Kudos to the other entrants as well.
sakura*aya 12 years ago
buckskinfilly 12 years ago
I vote for #14
V. Mason 12 years ago
stale rose [deleted] 12 years ago
I vote for #14
orange letters [deleted] 12 years ago
rbsnyder69 12 years ago
Bec Thomas Photography 12 years ago
Asiunka 12 years ago
LISA M G 12 years ago
#14 for me!
Poet for Life PRO 12 years ago
I vote for entry #25.
SnapHappy77 12 years ago
My vote is for #58~mine :p ;)
AJ Franklin PRO 12 years ago
Ok time to count the votes ;-)
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